Robert Ivy’s Monumental Contributions To The Realm Of Architecture Finally Awarded With The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

For several years now, the Mississippi community has been awarding individuals who go out of their way to contribute, perform or bring art to life with the famed Noel Polk Award. This honor often goes a long way in making the community in and around Mississippi more motivated to walk the extra mile in doing what is right by any form of art that they are involved in. The recent entrant to the list of Honorees is Robert Ivy.

Even though many individuals have worked hard enough and are on this list, Robert Ivy is a special case as he is the first individual from the realm of architecture to be honored with this accolade. Thereby, Robert’s clenching this award is quite a big deal as he is representing the rest of the architects in the world.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note, that Robert Ivy did not clinch the esteemed accolade because he is an architect, but thanks to his contributions to that field. While commenting on the matter, Carl Elefante, president of AIA said that Robert is indeed a force to reckon in Mississippi as he has worked himself to the core to ensure that architecture is more accessible to members of the general public.

For instance, ever since he took over as the Chief executive officer of the AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy has marked significant milestones in the realm of his profession. Under his belt, AIA is no longer restricted to the USA but now boasts a global footprint with architect memberships across the world. Robert has marked milestones not only in AIA but also in his previous workplaces. While working at McGraw Hills as the firm’s Journal editor in chief, Robert Ivy helped the journal gain a worldwide audience and is now one of the most widely distributed architectural resources.

Thanks to the Noel Polk award, Robert who is an author and commentator of matters architecture, will now be mentioned in the same breath with other great Mississippi individuals who have bagged the award in the past such as Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson and various others who are not only in Mississippi’s hall of fame but also the worlds. Robert received the award with Andrew Cary Young, a stained glass designer worth his salt at the Mississippi Institute of art making him an ambassador of architecture.

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A Look At Some Of Joe Arpaio’s Controversies

Back in 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were two executives at Village Voice Media, a privately held company that prints independent newspapers. Jim Larkin was the chief executive officer of this company while Michael Lacy was the executive editor.

One of their newspapers, the Phoenix New Times, often ran articles about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The articles were deeply critical of him and would be about him skirting the law, such as illegally profiling minorities and atrocities that were committed inside of the jails he controlled. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

One night they both were at their homes when some of Joe Arpaio’s agents showed up in unmarked cars. They hauled both of them off to jail cells. The reason for this is that Joe Arpaio wanted them arrested because details of a grand-jury investigation had shown up in an article in the Phoenix New Times.

They ended up spending 24 days in prison which created an uproar. After they were released they filed a lawsuit against Joe Arpaio and during the trial more of his corruption and instances of malpractice were revealed. They ended up settling the lawsuit for $3.7 million. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make The List of Civil Rights Protectors | Philly Purge

Joe Arpaio, who had been elected sheriff in 1992, considered himself above the law during his time in office. He was flagrant about doing what he wanted and billed himself as the “Toughest Sheriff in America”. He had been warned many times that some of what he was up to was not legally admissible.

An example of this occurred in 2011 when US District Judge Murray Snow was handling a case involving him. The judge told Joe Arpaio that being suspicious that a person was in the United States illegally was constitutionally no reason to detain them. Like other warnings, he chose to ignore this ruling.

Joe Arpaio was finally voted out of office in 2016. In July 2017, though, he was charged with contempt of court. This was because he had been ignoring the ruling about detaining people, which he claimed to have misunderstood. He was convicted by the judge.

However, before he could meet justice, Donald Trump issued him a presidential pardon.

Many people suspect that the reason this pardon was issued was that Joe Arpaio had been a very early supporter of Trump’s run for the presidency.

Michael Lacey suspects that the reason for the pardon was that Trump was trying to appeal to white nationalists who think of Joe Arpaio as one of their heroes.

OSI Group Completes Plant Expansion In Toledo Spain

Global food processing company OSI Group recently expanded production in Spain. The poultry processing capacity of the Spain production plant nearly doubled. Investments were also made to the overall facility and storage areas. OSI Group has always dedicated itself in providing quality-based foods and a great customer experience. The OSI Group Spain expansion was in response to the growing demand for chicken products. Over the last decade, there has been a 6 percent surge in sales, with numbers anticipated to grow even higher. The Toledo, Spain operation cost $17 million to finish. Once construction was completed the chicken capacity rose from 24,000 tons to 45,000 tons of annual processed meats.

The additional square footage means space for new:

  • Social area for employees
  • Storage room area
  • Service area
  • Refrigerated room area
  • Production hall area

A new test kitchen was also installed to aid in product development and meet the growing client base demands. As customer tastes and dietary needs continue to change, OSI is determined to stay on top of research to ensure maximum quality. In addition to expanding operation capacity, the local economy has also enjoyed a boon, with the addition of 20 new jobs. The number of employees at the Toledo plant now stands at 160.

Sustainability is also an area in which OSI Group aims to improve. The addition of cameras, fire suppression and surveillance systems ensures that both product and employees are secure. Efficiency and sustainability means the company will maintain the highest of standards at all times. New equipment has also helped decrease energy consumption by 20 percent. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, IL. It was founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. As the company thrived over the decades, it became the number one supplier of meat products in the world.

Eric Lefkofsky has enabled many startups to excel

Eric Lefkofsky is known nationwide for the many achievements in his career. He has pioneered many startups that have become billion dollar companies. He has also made a breakthrough in starting a medical company known as Tempus. In a recent interview, he gave the details of his life both personal and professional. He has worked hard to enable many startups to succeed. He is a workaholic who currently serves as the CEO of Tempus.

According to the interview, he goes to the office at six in the morning. When he gets to the office, Eric first concentrates on his work. He is involved in his work more than taking breaks and focusing on wellbeing. He considers a break for only a few minutes before he can continue working. When busy, he restrains himself from checking his phone to avoid being disrupted. Although he has a busy schedule, he creates time to be with his family. He has to ensure his children are doing well despite the many commitments as a CEO.

Previously his primary focus was to make money through his startups. He ventured into tech startups, and they did well. However, today his goal is to serve others and transform the medical industry. He wants to enable cancer patients to live better lives by using organized ways to fight cancer. He identified the current problem when it comes to dealing with cancer. The medical experts rely on data select signal that is incomplete. That is why he cofounded Tempus. With the company, the medical experts can now have a complete understanding of the cancer disease.

When he was young, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to become a businessman and accumulate wealth. But his desires are transforming the world today. His new company has a positive impact on cancer patients, and many appreciate his hard work. Although he has amassed a lot of wealth since he ventured into businesses, he is also dedicated to change the lives of others in society. That is why he has been working to ensure cancer patients receive improved treatment. He is also philanthropic because he contributes to charitable organizations to help others in society.

Dr. Saad Saad: Utilizing His Medical Talents to Help Save the Lives of Children

Prior to moving to the United States to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad lived in the Middle East. Although he was born in Palestine, he was raised in Kuwait as a child. He grew up with seven other siblings who were all properly reared by parents that instilled them with the belief to value and pursue an education. Consequently, as a result of embracing life morals and family values, Dr. Saad and his siblings all pursued and manifested careers within medicine, engineering, and teaching education. Saad Saad attended Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt where he graduated with honors with his medical degree. After completing medical school in Egypt, he traveled to England where he carried out his internship, and then to the United States where he finished his residency in pediatric surgery. Nonetheless, once he passed tests to become board-certified, he fully committed himself to his practice and became so advanced in his expertise that he was personally requested to service the Saudi Arabian royal family back during the 1980s. In the time that followed his service to the royal family, Dr. Saad became the co-medical director and surgeon-in-chief at K Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ and was honored for having performed over 1000 complex surgeries on children across the world.


Certainly, prior to retiring as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad had encountered numerous unfortunate situations that involved children swallowing foreign objects that prompted the need of his service for medical assistance. Over the years, Saad created a display of commonly swallowed foreign objects upon his desk that included things such as coins, peanuts, teeth, hotdogs, and even a toothbrush. Yet, of all the commonly swallowed items that Dr. Saad mentioned, the most dangerous objects for children to ingest are batteries. According to Saad, batteries can leak acid inside the body that can cause severe burns and complications within the child’s throat and stomach. Moreover, as words of advice for parents with small children, Dr. Saad warns that parents should always closely supervise their children when playing with battery-operated toys, be aware of the child’s play environment and playtime with other siblings, and to never allow children to eat peanuts under the age of seven or hot dogs under the age of two.


Being that Dr. Saad had to treat young children for this issue on a regular basis, he created an improvement for the endoscope that is used by doctors to view inside of the patient’s body. Before Saad’s invention, the view from the camera lens on the endoscope would often be obstructed by fluids inside the body. Fortunately, with the incorporation of a suction device that was added onto the endoscope through the ingenuity of Dr. Saad, doctors can have a clear view inside the patient and are able to save time without having to remove the device and jeopardize the patient’s health. Certainly, with the continual usage of his life-changing medical inventions and the positive impact of his other fulfilled achievements, Dr. Saad Saad has created an impeccable and awe-inspiring legacy that will surely stand to motivate others for many years to follow. Learn more :

Matt Badiali Believes People Can Make Money With Freedom Checks

The field of natural resources is highly profitable, and many leading financial institutions, hedge funding companies, and banks invest in this industry as it has been providing consistent gains over the years. Matt Badiali is one of the authority figures in the field and is a certified geologist as well. The good thing about Matt Badiali is that he doesn’t only help the banks and big financial corporations with his experience and expertise, but is also lending his expertise to the common people to make smart investments. Matt Badiali believes that the investments in the natural resources have a lot of potentials and one should be keeping a close eye on the natural resources market to make a generous profit from it consistently.

Matt Badiali has become a seasoned investor over the years and has been able to earn considerable income from the investments. As an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the leading financial publishing houses in the United States, Matt Badiali wants to promote the natural resources industry among the people. He is also trying to educate people about how to invest in natural resources and what can be done to make smart investments regularly without suffering losses. Freedom Checks is one of the terms that he has been promoting lately through marketing channels. Matt Badiali says that investments in MLPs can earn people considerable returns consistently in the form of dividends. It is what Freedom Checks are that he refers to in the advertisements.

Matt Badiali talks about the MLPs that people should invest in the Real Wealth Strategist, which is a dedicated natural resources newsletter by Banyan Hill Publishing. If you are looking to make considerable income from your investments, then following Matt Badiali advice and recommendations on Freedom Checks is a good idea. He has time and again proved his expertise in the field of economics investments, and you can be sure that you would not lose out with his advice. But, make sure that you determine your investment needs and your capacity before making any decision. Matt Badiali can help you make money through Freedom Checks.

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The Achievements of David McDonald in the Food Industry

David McDonald was born in Iowa. Currently, he is working as the president of OSI Group. His first job at OSI Group was a project manager. His commitment to the success of OSI Group is the one things that have earned him his current position at the company. OSI Group has built its reputation in the food industry by accomplishing a lot within a short time. David McDonald has been in this company for about three decades, and he has played a significant role in the expansion of OSI Group. Due to competition in the food industry as well as nature of OSI Group, McDonald works extra hard in ensuring that the company keeps the logistics group that can progress at the same rate with the current global market that is continuously evolving.

This team keeps up with the changes in the international market by ensuring that it works directly connected to the local marketers so that they can understand the customers’ need. David McDonald has spearheaded the OSI Group in its significant expansion in the world more particularly in China. The company also recognizes him for playing a significant role in the purchasing of Baho Foods. David is well versed with food production logistics because of his experience in the industry. David McDonald was brought up in Iowa. He went to Iowa State University where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in animal science. He is still an active member of the Iowa State community.

His background would not seems to be favorable for bringing up someone who can be able to lead a big company like OSI Group. The time that he spent at food product distribution chain as his starting point may have played a significant role on his life. The fact that McDonald started working with OSI Group when he was fresh from the college played a big role in understanding the company technical issues and other necessary knowledge as he grew with the company. He was able to realize the vision of OSI Group which was not just growing but also establishing a strong foundation that would retain the company for a long time.

Matt Badiali and Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a geologist by trade. He is an investor by hobby. His work in geology offers him a cutting edge advantage when it comes to Freedom Checks. These Freedom Checks payout dividends on a monthly or quarterly basis. Freedom Checks come from investing in Master Limited Partnerships. These are high yield investment accounts.

A Master Limited Partnership is a company that is required by federal law to distribute ninety percent of its revenue and profits to its shareholders. There are tax benefits given to these companies. The tax benefits mean the company will not need to pay taxes on much of its income. These tax benefits also are for the investor.

Matt Badiali has explained that those who hold investments in Freedom Checks do not need to pay capital gains tax on the monthly or quarterly dividends they receive. The shareholders are taxed when the shares in the Master Limited Partnerships are sold.

Master Limited Partnerships are traded on publicly trading exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange. These are legitimate investments. They are endorsed by Matt Badiali. He is a geologist by trade. His schooling has helped him with picking the companies to invest in. These investments are only partaken in when the company being invested in has more than one billion in assets. These assets must be liquid assets, otherwise Matt Badiali does not invest in them.

Freedom Checks are an excellent investment of the company. However, they come with a risk. They are still an investment. The risk is the company being invested in might not perform well. When, then company being invested in does not perform well, the dividends from these investments will be meager.

Matt Badiali thinks investing in Master Limited Partnerships can be an excellent adventure for anyone of any walk of life. This is because someone can get started with Freedom Checks with as little as ten dollars. Investors can find Master Limited Partnerships to invest in by searching online for investment companies. They can invest by themselves or with a broker.

Southridge Capital LLC: A Reputable Financial Solutions Company

Southridge capital is a well-known company that operates as a diversified financial holding firm. The company specializes in advisory services and direct investments strategies to the middle and small market enterprises. The company also offers services to firms that need outside equity capital to make any strategic acquisitions. Southridge Company also manages hedge funds.


Southridge was formed in the year 1996 in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The office also has some branches in Los Angeles, New York, Ontario, California and in Canada. Since its formation in 1996, Southridge has been able to make direct investments of over 1.8 billion dollars in all the growth companies in the entire world. The expertise of this great company lies in their ability to customize their financial plans to fit their prospective client and approach their executions with maximum competence.


Southridge Capital seals a $5 million deal with Elite Data Services


On July 30, 2015, the CEO of Southridge capital, Stephen Hick, announced that the Southridge Partners have entered into a concrete agreement with Elite Data services, a company that is based in Texas and Dallas. Elite Data Services Inc. is a renowned technology company which implements several software applications to advertise and market assets that they possess and control.


The company utilizes the most advanced proprietary technologies to provide the most effective marketing and advertising solutions to several businesses to generate more revenue. These include automotive businesses, gaming, and hospitality businesses just to mention a few. With the extensive technology and incredible content production software, resources and development expertise, the company is in a position to provide the most outstanding approaches, hence deliver the most excellent results. For more details visit Bloomberg.


On the other side, Southridge has a comprehensive experience in financing more than 250 public firms. That gives the company a better understanding of the concerns the growth of different firms. The Southridge team is able to advise on the most complex corporate issues such as individualized financing techniques, turning to a public company, or on balance sheet management issues. This is with an aim to assist the client to achieve the most deemed revenue goals in their entire venture.



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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Have the Spirit of an Investment Locked in the Appearence of a Scam

Freedom Checks earn a bad rap because on the whole they sound like a scam. The live commercials that feature the man behind the checks, Matt Badiali, are very scammy in appearance. Such get-rich offers from investment experts have come and gone with frequency, most of them panning out to a waste of money, so it is no surprise that many hesitate to give freedom checks a look. The truth is freedom checks are actually a legitimate investment.

Freedom checks require an investment from interested parties. This is something that Matt Badiali explains in his numerous ads. This investment is actually in the form of purchasing a stake in an actual natural resource company. Such companies deal it the transportation of natural resources like oil and natural gas. As such they qualify to take advantage of a tax break, one that results in the hefty payouts Matt Badiali advocates.

The tax break requires that these companies disperse 90$% of their revenue to their stakeholders, which allows them to operate like tax free entities. Therefore, anyone who purchased stakes in these companies will get a percentage of that 90% payout frequently. Now you will only get as much as you pay, and with some stakes as low as $10 dollars the payout may not be significant. Numerous stakes bring in larger sums, but also require more investment, which is true of any investment. No matter the size though the stake will ensure a monthly to quarterly payout. This is what Matt Badiali is offering, and being a foremost expert in this field his advice is worth noting.

Matt Badilai is a geologist with a Bachelor’s in Science from Penn State, and a Master’s Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He is a hands on analyst, traveling far and wide to gain investment information directly from the source. He uses his knowledge to observe how companies operate to discover any red flags. He reports his findings through two newsletters that he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a very respected analyst taken serious by many int eh investment field.