Nobilis Health: a Wonderful Healthcare Management Company

Nobilis Health Corporation owns and operates ten medical practices in Arizona and Texas, a surgical center in Houston, six day surgical centers, two MRI centers, and an urgent care center. Their ambulatory care centers are located in Houston (three), Dallas (two), and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. They also have marketing relationships with over a hundred additional surgical centers throughout the United States. With the goals of providing excellent medical care, increased patient satisfaction, and lower costs for medical care, they offer a lot of services to their clients and customers.

Nobilis Health, along with the partnerships they have with doctors, has built and now currently owns and operates well-known outpatient surgery centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas. They offer a large-scale network of professional surgeons that are board-certified and fellowship trained, which makes them some of the most state-of-the-art and highly skilled surgeons in America. Some of their many medical interest specialties include: spinal operations, controlling pain, orthopedic operations, treatment of the feet, general surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, and treatment of the ear, nose, and throat. They also provide excellent medical facility management.

Nobilis Health has one easy business objective: providing a lot of opportunities for the doctors that they partner with. With surgeons as their partners, they handle all of the management responsibilities for the centers they work with. They also are focused on increasing organic growth as much as possible in their centers, which, in turn, increases their profit margin with extra marketing and operating practices that have been made better. Their business structure makes it possible for their surgeons to focus their attention right where it needs to be-giving their patients the best care possible, while they build value in their ambulatory surgical centers, which benefits their doctors and their shareholders. Nobilis also has many marketing services for their clients.

Nobilis Health incorporate many methods of marketing for their clients. They combine traditional marketing networks (television, radio, print, and point of care) and modern marketing practices (internet searches, the web, social media, and mobile) and finding the proper mix of marketing to properly obtain critical patient education objectives like: the progression of diseases and making people aware of their illnesses, identifying symptoms, availability of treatment options, determining if a treatment is right for a patient, and promoting proper communication between doctors and patients. They are behind their patients from making them aware of their conditions to proper medical care. Their type of marketing is what sets Nobilis apart from other surgical centers and treatment facilities. They are also superior in their management and operations services.

Nobilis has a well-known track record of performance and providing important value provisions for doctors, payers, and patients. A main part of their strong performance can be attributed to a very well planned out growth plan, which is driven by organic growth and growth by selective acquisitions. No matter how growth is obtained, their focus is from a management and operations point of view, is on identifying, attracting, and keeping excellent healthcare professionals, making operational efficiencies better, putting effective marketing strategies into action, and using their skills to negotiate insurance contracts with third party payers. Their management services include: financing, licensing and accreditation, managing and operating, bench marking, strategic planning, and legal. With their excellent services that they provide for their clients and patients, they truly show that they care for them which makes them a wonderful healthcare management company.

Creating And Editing Of Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia allows any user to create, edit pages and enhance written articles for the view of other readers. It gives users a chance to create their own pages without being dependent of others. For one to create a new one directly he or she must have a registered account which makes it easier. People are advised not to use their real names in doing this. The settings have to be secured. Registered operators have their own user space. New articles can be created on the on a subpage which can later be transferred to the main one.

Most comprehensive Wikipedia editing services is that creation of a page does not require one to be registered for the action to be done. There secured pages cannot be revised because of the protection against it. They always have a locked icon on the top right side of the page. Revision can only be done by submitting a request. This is done by clicking on the view source tab and going on with requesting for the amendment.

There are two methods of completing this task. One is by utilizing the Visual Editor and the other by wiki markup. Visual editor is only available to the registered logged in operators. There is an option which allows this to be done. Wiki markup editor on the other hand permits the user to perform this task by clicking on the revise tab at the top page of Wikipedia.

In any kind of revision, plagiarism is a crime. Editors have to add citations acknowledging the original owners. The sources come at the end of a sentence after the facts they support. The most common one is inline citation which includes footnotes. A person just inserts the reference within an article and when the saving is done it automatically appears at the bottom of the page as footnote. There are tools which make the citation exercise simple. They help with the placements and formatting when necessary. They are both internal and external.

Get your wiki makes this process easier. It offers people the chance of doing tasks for them with expertise. This includes creating, editing, monitoring and translating pages for their clients. Their services ensure that their articles are standardized. It also refunds cash to the clients if the work is rejected which is advantageous. This s one service which people need to consider for better results.

Brazilian Literary Genius Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazil is not only one of the best places to go for a vacation; it is home to a pleasant author Jaime Garcia Dias. He was born forty five years ago in Rio de Janeiro and has grown to be a renowned author who has written articles, books and journals that are extensively entertaining and informative. He is the most beloved author that the people of Brazil and others in the whole world who strive to get a hand on his translated books enjoy reading. Extraordinary writing and high intellectual capabilities have earned him recognition world over. He was born to parents who had prestigious professions; the father was a journalist and mother was an architect, and wanted the best for him too. This meant getting to pursue whatever career he felt was suitable for him. He was given the best schooling and at an early age of fifteen years, he developed interest in literature, and the father was there to give him the necessary support needed and learn a few writing tips from.

Dias followed his father’s footsteps and went on to publish over 20 books and maintain a personal WordPress blog. Writing a publishing a book is not an easy task but it is an inspiring experience. The kind of books he writes are fictions books earning him the title of Brazil’s best fiction writer. In 2013, he made a remarkable move by writing a book-Cronica Um Sabio, no Jornal do Brasil- meant to honor his father. The same time, he wrote an inspiring journal about Brazilian youth, addressing their major challenges and advising them on the best ways to get out of them.

Brazil as a country is showing its support for all writers and literature experts. The country has come up with strategies meant to push forward writing endeavors and having a public translation center where Dias sits a board member. Their efforts have benefited many writers, including Dias, who write in native languages and get their books translated so as they can access a larger market in the globe. Dias being an extremely prolific writer has won awards like Barca Branca and ABC Award for his pleasant literary work.

Dias has also worked as teacher at Carioca Literature Academy where he was trying to share his experience in literary writing and inspire new souls to take up the profession, some of his lectures even posted to his YouTube to be shared with the rest of the world. In 2007, Dias was made the head of the academy and has worked ever since to make it become a front runner in writing journalistic literature materials. Due to his assertive influence to a good number of authors, many Brazilian authors have devoted to it. The most remarkable book that he has written is Fell from Heaven, which was promoted widely by Jasue Gomez and became the bestselling book in South America.

Yeomni Park’s Remarkable Journey From North Korea Inspires New Book

Yeonmi Park is a remarkable young woman. Only twenty-one, she has already lived through a remarkable journey, which will be documented in her memoir, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, which comes out at the end of the month.

Park was born in North Korea in 1993. She first realized how repressive the nation was when she was a child, and watched a bootleg copy of the movie Titanic. This American movie helped her realize how much more there was to the world, and showed her the possibility of romance and love. Park started to dream of a better life.

When Park was thirteen she left North Korea with her mother. They were able to get to China, but things didn’t get better. They were only able to cross the border, but it meant becoming involved with human trafficking, which was a traumatic experience. Park’s father was able to join them in China, but died there. They weren’t even able to mourn him properly.

Park and her mother managed to escape, leaving China by walking across the Gobi desert in the freezing cold. They managed to reach Mongolia, where they were able to petition for asylum in South Korea. Park had to adjust to a new life once again. She had to live with her trauma, but she had a chance to live a normal life. She got a job, and enrolled in university. Park and her mother were eventually reunited with her little sister. But instead of moving on entirely Park felt the need to speak out about what had happened to her.

As the world is changing we need new voices of young people speaking out against injustice. Park spoke on The Guardian and has faced many challenges in her young life, and is brave to share her experiences with the world. Her story is remarkable, but not unique. Many others experience political repression in North Korea, and the horrors of human trafficking. Instead of moving on and trying to live a quiet life Yeonmi decided to put her story out there, in the hope that something will change.

Her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, comes out September 29th.

Discover the Success Story of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornel University where he was able to graduate with a PhD. in electrical engineering. His area of specialization was in the control systems. In his illustrious career, Shaygan Kheradpir has managed individuals who can work and provide the changes that are relevant to the community, employees, customers, and the investors. Shaygan Kheradpir was just recently appointed as the president of the board at the Coriant. He joined Coriant after he had worked with the management team, where he performed his duties as the Operating Partners working at Marlin Equity Partners. His primary responsibility was to ensure that the company achieves the growth and strength to be able to provide solutions to customers. This was after the company realized that the current breed of clients is dynamic, and also the market is becoming very competitive with every passing day.

Before he joined the Coriant Company, he worked as the chief executive officer at Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks is a company that was a pioneer in networking, and it had its location in Silicon Valley. In 2011, Shaygan Kheradpir on facebook started working for the Barclays Bank as the chief operating officer at the bank’s headquarters. He later on became the bank’s technology and operations officer. At his new position, he was to be in charge of wealth, cards, business, and investment banking. While at the bank, he worked hard to transform the institution in various processes that deal with the industrialized controls and product innovations.

His career commenced at GTE Labs, which are located in Boston. At the labs, he performed his work in network routing, controls, and management. He eventually rose to become the chief head of the software systems. It is here were he in was actively involved in the recruitment of the best team that resulted in the establishment of a management platform that had an integrated transmission, infrastructure, and switching. It is this innovation that enabled GTE as a company to bring together its network business, thus becoming efficient in service delivery and also consolidating its network operations. He later moved to the firm’s headquarters, where he was involved in the development of wireless, wireline, and internetworking units. Shaygan Kheradpir was able to rebuild the company’s critical systems, which were based on the current computer science. The success in this operation led to the firm improving its cost structure.

GTE and Bell Atlantic later merged to form Verizon. Shaygan was appointed to be the president of the eBusiness Unit, and he was later appointed to be the chief information for the company. During this period, he led in the recruitment of the best world-class talent, and the assembly of this qualified team resulted in the production of excellent products and services. While working at Verizon, he and other team members became involved in the transformation of the company’s revenue profile. This was achieved through the integration of the traditional networking system with internet based software. The combination resulted in the development of many products that won many awards.

My Experience With Skout

Ive always considered myself to be on the forefront of new social networking trends, so when I heard about Skout I decided I would give it a try. It was free for iOS users, and a bunch of people outside of my digital life were using it apparently, so why not? First thing I did was go to my App Store to download and install it. It was easy enough, so that was the first good sign. Some other social networking apps are just filled with too many hoops to jump through before the fun even begins. Having a semi-short attention span, that just does not cut it for me.

As it turns out, Skout shares many similarities with other social networking sites, like the ability to connect with other users, form new friendships, and bouncing pictures bank and forth. I did find the layout to be a bit more easy to navigate than most and I like the ability to sign in via Facebook. Networking your social networking sites together is important to me, because it allows me to find others using new sites that I may al ready know. I found the profile I was able to create a bit more personable than what Facebook has to offer, so that was a definite plus. I always found that the more personal a profile is, the better the connections you make, whether it is for dating purposes or just for friendship forming.

I really like the way Skout allows you to interact with other users. It lets you know who is online at any given time, and provides you with a few of their most recent posts. You can send “winks” to them or even add them to a favorites section within the feed. Of course, if you have a troublesome user, you can block or report them, but I have not had to use this feature yet. So far, everyone I have interacted with has been pleasant and entertaining. I was really surprised to find that some other users had sent me a virtual gift on my birthday when I logged in. What a nice feature to have in your social networking app.

One of the coolest features I have found on Skout is “Shake to Chat.” It is an anonymous chat feature that only discloses who you are talking with after 40 seconds by then showing your profile to them and vice versa. I cannot tell you how interesting those can truly be, even within only that short of a window to converse openly and without your profile shown. I tend to do this a lot with my favorites, especially when I am looking to date. Some people say the most random things in this scenario. Not only that, they do not have the filters that often do when a face is placed to their words. It really does provide a window to their soul in certain respects. I do not know what I was doing before ever using this feature and app!

Choose From Amazing Accomodations in London

London, United Kingdom, is a large and modern city that offers an array of outstanding attractions, parks, restaurants, museums, theatres and historical sights. There are many places to stay in London such as family friendly hotels, three and four star hotels, low priced hotels, bed and breakfasts, boutiques and apartments.

Family Friendly Hotels
Cheval Gloucester Park hotel in Kensington offers two and three bedroom apartments, which accomodates 4 to 6 people. The apartments include a kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, fridge and other amenities. This family friendly hotel is close to many attractions, restaurants and grocery stores. Concierge services are also available.

The Four Seasons Canary Wharf is another hotel that’s ideal for families. Adults and kids can enjoy watching boats and ferries go by from rooms and suites. This hotel also offer a kids room service menu and a concierge service that helps organize activities for kids of all ages.

Four Star Hotels
Blakemore Hyde Park, Bayswater, Westminster, is a star 4 hotel with comfortable, stylish rooms and suites. Amenities incude televisions, ironing facilities and a private bathroom. This Luxury hotel has a terrace restaurant, private dining, bar and lounge and outdoor terrace. They guarantee the best rate.

Hilton London Metropole is located in an area that makes it easy to go sightseeing in London. Some of the many attractions in the area are the London Zoo and Hyde Park. This 4 star hotel has several bars and three restaurants.

Budget Travelers
The Stand Palance, is located in the center of the theatre region. This hotel has a restaurant called the Carvery and Grill and a lounge bar that serves alchohol and different kinds of coffees and teas. There’s also 24 hour room service. The Stand Palance is close to many attractions and things to do. The rates are very reasonable for budget travelers.

Queens Park Hotel in Bayswater, offers choices of single, double, twin and triple rooms at a low price. Amenities include room service, 24 hour front desk, baggage storage and more. This hotel is located near a variety of attractions, restaurants and shopping areas.

LondonEscape is an agency in London that helps find the perfect London vacation rentals. This company specializes in apartments but also locates the best hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts to meet your needs. They’re available 18 hours a day to answer your questions.

Purina Petcare: A Company That Cares

Purina Petcare, formerly Ralston Purina Company until purchased by Nestle in 2001, is a leading company in pet care products. The company owns Friskies, Fancy Feast, Mighty Dog and Alpo, and with their strong history in pet products have managed to create global recognition by creating brands on that instill trust with pet owners.

As of December 2012 Nestle Purina became the number one U.S pet care company in sales, volume and market share growth. The company also provides approximately 7,000 jobs to people throughout the United States. They own 20 manufacturing plants and 12 sales offices and are active in over 70 different countries.

Purina believes that pets and people are better together, and through that philosophy they work hard to create a safe and healthy diet for pets all over the world with a team of over 400 scientists and nutritionists. They believe that the industry standards are just a starting place and work to ensure that their products not only meet those standards but surpass them. They make sure that all suppliers of their pet product ingredients meets their high standards and specifications, product safety and certain manufacturing practices. They also feel strongly about making sure that not only is the food safe and healthy but also is easy to digest and has a taste your pet will crave. For all the research necessary for achieving their high standards they not only employ their own research teams but also have partnered with some of the most respected Universities in the country, such as Cornell, Texas A&M, and the University pf Pennsylvania to name a few, to help further their studies. Purina feels so strongly about pet health they helped fund a study called The Canine Heath Foundation which gives dogs and even children a second chance at sight.

Purina doesn’t just love to help enrich pet health, the company loves pets so much that they have created a movement to bring your pets to work. In fact, the Purina plant in St. Louis set the record for most pets at work with a total of 281 furry friends joining their owners at their jobs! even ranked Purina number 3 on their 2015 best places to work, an employees’ choice award list. They were also recognized for eight consecutive years by the St. Louis Business Journal as the best place to work and for the past three years they were recognized as the best place to work in St. Louis by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

For over 80 years Purina has been guided by their love and respect for pets and their quality of life. They deserve a 4 paw rating! You can always check out more in Purina news at the Purina News Center.

Skout Is Different and it Works

Throughout the years, people have gone on dates without things really changing very much. Some people do really well in these types of situations where they are essentially forced to go out and meet someone for the first time, being required to answer questions about their personal life and what they want out of the future, all in hopes of having things go well when it is all said and done. The truth is, a lot of people do not enjoy dating like this so as a result, many of them have turned to online dating. However, the particular website that you choose is vitally important. In fact, it can make all the difference between you having a favorable experience and one that you would never wish on your worst enemy.

While dating sites have completely transformed the way that people meet others, the overwhelming majority of them have their drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks of most dating sites is that the entire purpose of being on them is to find someone that you can eventually marry. The problem is, there are plenty of people that want to get together with someone and have fun without having the possibility of marriage hanging over their head. For those that are not ready to get married that or want to focus their attention on other things, this can be enough to scare them off right from the beginning. Anyone that does not have marriage as part of their goals is certainly not going to waste their time going on a website and meeting someone when that is the entire purpose behind everything.

Fortunately, Skout understands this and as a result, the website has been created to cater to individuals that want to meet someone for a date without committing the rest of their lives when they do it. The website makes that the focal point of everything that they do. Here, people can easily find someone that has similar interests or viewpoints that they can go to dinner with, all without feeling like they are misleading the other individual because marriage is simply not in their plans. On any other website, people feel pressured to create long-term relationships out of almost every encounter and when that is not their intention, they often feel like they have no choice but to excuse themselves from situation all together.

Skout on zendesk has changed everything for people that date online. Thanks to them, it is easy to go out with someone for an evening or to go out with the same person a number of times while doing nothing more than having fun. There is no pressure to turn something simple into a more complex issue. As far as the individuals at Skout are concerned, if someone gets together and they ultimately decide to get married, that is great. However, they should be able to go out on a date without that being the only thing that is on the mind. If this sounds good to you, then Skout is the place that you need to be.

Business In The Windy City

Chicago is one of the biggest and most popular cities in our country today. Big cities means big business, and that is definitely the case for Chicago. There are multiple high end businesses and corporations that run high scale operations that our country depends on. There are numerous CEO and high ranked business officials who have turned these companies into powerhouses.

One established women in Chicago is Patricia Woertz. Patricia is the first women to orchestrate a humdrum grain processor company known as Archer Daniels Midland Co. This company is now a $90 billion corporation. In revenue, this company surpasses every other company in Illinois. Archer Daniels Midland Co. has expanded throughout Europe, China and South America. The groundbreaking news that has recently been announced is that this company is relocating to Chicago. Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is thrilled to announce Chicago’s newest addition. He believes that this will make Chicago a destination for the international headquarters.

Another powerful figure in Chicago is Irene Rosenfield. Irene is one of the world’s most powerful CEO’s. She is the head of $35 billion Mondelez International Inc. This corporation has around 110,000 employees located in 80 countries. Before Mondelez International, Irene guided the 2012 split of Kraft Foods Inc. Irene is incredibly accomplished, as she is one of only 24 women running Fortune 500 companies.

Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago businessman who is highly established. Ekbal and his partners are highly known for their stop-at-home shopping scheme. Ekbal states “Basically we’re catering to the customer’s convenience” because of how seamless the process is. The good thing about this style of shopping is that you can get your goods without leaving your home. Ekbal and his partners linked together to form this idea and had a vision that this would be beneficial for consumers who need a fast and convenient way of shopping. Ekbal notes that the service can range in a wide variety of ways. Goods can be delivered to your work or even put in the trunk of your car. The cost for this service would only be $5-$10 which is definitely worth it if you just don’t have time to run to the store.