Here Comes The Premium Dog Food Brands

When workers show up at a manufacturing plant to produce premium dog food, their tasks are not run-of-the-mill. A tremendous amount of extra work is required to make sure the food released to store shelves really does live up to promises of being gourmet meals. Anyone who thinks the gourmet moniker is an advertising gimmick should read a very detailed article in the Daily Herald. The article points out that significant effort goes into picking ingredients. Taste testers are even used to judge the food after it is cooked. Most interesting, the article notes this effort is paying rewards. The sales of premium dog food brands are skyrocketing. Beneful, a Purina brand, is doing extremely well in the market. Beneful promotes a host of wet food, dry food, and treat selections that bear exotic-sounding names. Beneful’s sales are solid because owners are coming around to the idea that feeding a pet the best possible food is just good stewardship. The pet food industry generates nearly $24 billion per year in sales. Pets do have to eat. The gourmet selections, once a small fraction of the overall sales, are growing each and every year. People on Facebook now take note of Beneful selections such as “Romana Style Medley” with its chicken, spinach, carrots, and pasta and are reacting accordingly. Their interest is piqued and they are buying up the brand’s offerings on shelved. Premium dog food definitely is easy to find on shelves these days. A significant number of the major retail chains in the United States are now carrying premium dog food brands. In a way, this is surprising. Retailers are not keen on carrying specialty items since they do not cater to niche markets. Since the popularity of premium dog food is growing to peak levels, buyers are no longer part of a small niche. So, the presence of gourmet brands in retail stores should not be a shock. As more and more consumers become aware of the value of gourmet dog food, look for even more stores to carry. Dogs are going to benefit from all this growth tremendously. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are to become quite exquisite all of a sudden.

Top Online Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Millions of people think about following their dream and starting their own business. However, few really take the initial steps to make their dream a reality. Doe Deere is one successful woman that has achieved success by following her own set of rules. Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that believes in creativity and originality. The wild and out of this world colors are primarily for anyone that believes they are like the unicorn. The unicorn is different and loves being different. Doe Deere still loves breaking all the rules, especially makeup rules.

Success Story
Everyone knows that Doe Deere is a real success story. The entrepreneur was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. She always had a fascination for colors and makeup. Doe Deere always believed that makeup was meant to do more than merely enhance your looks. She believed that makeup should express your own uniqueness and creativity. In addition, she believes that you should forget about following rules. Break the rules and create your own individual look. For example, today you might want to mix hot pink lips with flaming purple eye shadow. Tomorrow bold red lips and crimson eye shadow. This philosophy led to her developing her own line of makeup back in 2008.

Women Entrepreneurs
Doe Deere is one woman that started out with a unique idea. Her business rose from a meager beginning to the heights of success. Deere supports other female entrepreneurs. She would like to inspire more women to start their own business. Doe Deere likes to speak on the subject frequently at public events. Doe Deere also believes in giving back. She likes to serve as a mentor to other aspiring women entrepreneurs. She also communicates with other women entrepreneurs via social media sites like Instagram.

New Business Trends
Thanks to the Internet, women are able to do it all. They are able to start a business with minimal investment. They are also able to work out of the home and run that business over the Internet, while taking care of a family. E-commerce is an excellent way to attract new customers. People find that it is easier and more convenient to shop online. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to demonstrate that women were interested in buying cosmetics over the Internet. It did not take long for other makeup companies to follow Lime Crime’s lead. Lime Crime is still a leader in e-commerce selling. Doe Deere truly believes e-commerce is the new business trend for not and the future.

Doe Deere’s Advice
Doe Deere has plenty of advice for new women entrepreneurs. No guts, no glory. Don’t hold back. Follow your dreams. Sometimes, it is best to go with your gut feeling, instead of following the crowd. She also states don’t do anything, unless it feels right for you. Now, that is one piece of advice that Deere followed through her online business career and her personal life.

Integration Is Key For Securus Technologies

Most of us, including myself, believe the problems caused by criminals come to an end when the individual is moved to a secure locations after being sentenced to time in a jail. However, I did not consider the fact that inmates in jails are placed in a community of people with connections to those still on the outside who can drag them even more deeply into a life of crime. Securus Technologies is attempting to make sure each and every aspect of the interactions between inmates and visitors is monitored, particularly in the use of video visitation technologies.

Securus has recently been adding to its sales team in a bid to make sure it is in position to roll out the latest updates to its THREADS platform, which provides a base for monitoring a wide range of connections made by inmates. Video visitation has been growing in popularity at institutions using Securus patented THREADS technology to monitor more than one million inmates across North America. The introduction of THREADS 3.1 brings a new level of options to the world of inmate communication monitoring and safety, which can all now be integrated to allow us to monitor all interactions between inmates and suspicious visitors. This technology has also been well-received by users, especially family members and friends of the incarcerated as the video calls are easy to set up and have good reviews online. (Reference:

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas the work of Securus has been seen as hitting the highest levels of success for a number of years, which is why more than 3,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies trust the technology introduced by the organization. I believe the ability to listen to calls made using the Securus secure inmate phone calls platform will make a major difference in remaining a step ahead of those wanting to cause problems within any community. It is easy to see that the ease of use makes the THREADS 3.1 platform of vital importance to all investigators who are hoping to get their hands on actionable intelligence, which can be printed and accessed in different ways with as little hassle as possible.

The Interesting Observations on Urbana’s Blog

One of the great things about blogging today is that connections can be made with all types of interesting people. One of these is Jon Urbana, who has been contributing great advice and a ton of photos that include vivid imagery, good advice and interesting videos. Urbana offers articles on Tumblr that include foods to eat, music to listen to and social media advice. Here are a few of my favorite Jon Urbana articles posted on his blog.

This article provides a link to an interview of Peter Mehlman, former writer on Seinfeld, on the show Talking Tech. Mehlman is complaining about a meager following on twitter and the rest of the round table discussion offers advice to raise his following.
An article linked to from Urbana’s Facebook account provides a very interesting take on building a social media following for anyone. Some of their best advice involves using Soundcloud, a new social media platform that allows people to save, share and replay original sound clips they create. Here’s one of his most recent releases.

Green Cocktail with Rum and Mint 

I enjoyed this entry because the original image of this cocktail is so inviting it makes you thirsty just looking at it. Its inviting green color makes the cocktail pleasing to the eye and you just know the rum will be combined with a delightful mint taste that will bring a satisfaction to any thirst. All Jon Urbana videos combine reality with art, and so do his pictures. This is a potent tweet about the state of student podcasts .

Marrakech: Olives For Sale

This is a visual delight as you see the wide variety of presentation and style of the olives for sale in Marrakech. The jars of olives are stacked neatly and precisely which creates interesting textures and visual contrasts. These olives are presented in used mason jars that contribute to the unique flavor of the image. One of my all-time Urbana favorite images for sure. It makes me want to travel to Marrakech today and see what other wonders I could find.

Manchego Cheese With Grapes, Mint and Rosemary  

Once again Urbana catches an audience on Yahoo Answers by surprise with his video, which they happen to love.

His blog post visually details a simple snack and turns it into a feast for the eyes. This image of cheese, grapes, mint and rosemary is a great example of the visual work found on this site. This may be a typical Spanish treat but the presentation in this picture allows the viewer to want to enjoy the snack yourself. The contrast of the cheese and grapes jumps out at you and command your attention. I have never been a real fan of Manchego Cheese until today, this picture has won me over.

Today’s Barbecue so Nice

This is one of the more descriptive pictures that I have found on Urbana’s blog. It draws you in because it has a plethora of food being cooked on the large grill. It combines the image of the food, with the smoke and the contrast of several different colored peppers cooking as well that you can almost smell it cooking right on the page. That is what great pictures do, they allow you to experience things fully and completely. This delicious image will draw you in and make you want to stay.

Candy Shop in Savannah

This picture grabbed my attention because like most people I enjoy delicious homemade candy, and we ate a bunch of it together during my Villanova lacrosse practices with Urbana. The candy maker is captured in a pose which shows he is passionate about what he is doing and the machines, signs and atmosphere of this candy shop make me want to travel to Savannah and eat much of their candy.  Very intriguing photo, which is typical for Jon and what makes this blog so interesting to follow.

There is literally something for everyone on the resume of Jon Urbana. You will want to fly around the world with him and try new things.

Ross Abelow and Other New York Attorneys

New York, New York is a hub for all different types of lawyers, to say the least. The City That Never Sleeps is home to many diverse and varied law practices. If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in the Big Apple, for example, you should be able to easily find one. If you’re looking for a an employment lawyer in the vast metropolis, the same thing goes. New York City is a great place whether you need an entertainment lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a business lawyer or anything else. They’re all based here. Lawyers in New York all have their own specialties and areas of focus. Some of them specialize in DUIs (Driving Under the Influence). Some specialize in constitutional law. Those lawyers are generally known as civil rights attorneys. Some even specialize in veteran’s benefits (military lawyers), citizenship (immigration lawyers), bankruptcy (bankruptcy lawyers) and disability rights (public interest lawyers). The categories of lawyers are abundant and varied. If you need to find a reputable and experienced lawyer in New York, it shouldn’t at all be a difficult or overwhelming task for you.

Ross Abelow (Ross Martin Abelow) is an example of a lawyer who is based out of New York. His specific practice subjects include entertainment law, commercial litigation, family law and matrimonial law. Couples who are engaged to be married and who are looking to make arrangements for prenuptial agreements, for example, frequently turn to lawyers who are knowledgeable in all matters that involve matrimonial law.

Abelow has a strong educational background for the legal field. He graduated from the the University at Albany (SUNY) with of a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also later graduated from Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn Heights, New York with a J.D. (Juris Doctor degree). New York University is yet another example of a school Abelow attended. Abelow has been licensed to work as a lawyer for more than two decades now. He’s permitted to work as a lawyer in New York state. He has worked for prominent New York City area law firms such as Abelow & Cassandro LLP. Abelow & Cassandro LLP was located in Jericho, New York. Jericho is a community on Long Island in Nassau County. The firm’s focuses were on climate change, clean technology and renewable energy. Regulatory issues that pertain to distributed generation, geothermal, wind and solar subjects were also key subjects for the firm.

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CCMP Capital – Getting Focused On Investments

If you are trying finance management on your own and your establishment is no longer a size that is manageable, can you really guarantee the task that will be well done? If everything that the company should have in terms of capital and investment doesn’t come out right, how will you be able to correct the mistakes? Will you need extra money to redo the unsatisfactory task, fill in the hole left by previous errors? Will you be able to have enough fund for the future? Will your company be able to withstand errors of significant magnitude? All these questions can be answered correctly by a capital management firm like CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital is an investment firm founded and presided by Stephen “Steve” Murray. Steve Murray was a private equity investor and well-known among his clients as a problem solver. He focused mainly on growth equity transactions and buyout while he worked at CCMP Capital. His strategies and ideas have laid foundation for many services that are a hit in the company as well. Steve Murray graduated from Boston College where he earned a degree in economics in 1984. He completed his master’s degree in business administration and went on to become the founder of CCMP Capital later.

Today’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a gathering place for many investors from all over the world. These investors are individuals, business owners, corporate owners, institutions and legal organizations. All of the services provided at CCMP Capital are meticulously designed for clients from all walks of life. Their services are equipped with latest trends and technology and configured to let the clients understand what they are getting into and what their future will be. The various options available at this company demonstrates that a firm can be highly organized and functional while retaining an inviting image.

Finance professionals assigned to the clients interview their clients at length in order to understand what they are looking for in a service. Some of the services that CCMP Capital offers include but not limited to capital management, fund raising, estate planning, retirement planning, mergers, acquisitions and underwriting. The firm has been investing in many industries such as consumer, services, retails, media, telecom, energy, financial services sectors as well as healthcare infrastructure. Among consumer and retail industry, its main focus is on direct marketing, packaged goods, specialty retail and general services. Among media and telecom industry, the firm is known for investments, consumer publishing, trade publishing, broadcasting, wireless communication, cable and wireline communication sector. CCMP Capital has offices all over the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The investment that is does typically ranges between $100 million to $500 million and the company is valued to be around $3 billion.

US Money Reserve President Speaks on Eliminating the Penny

There are many forms of currency out there today. These forms of currency are becoming more obsolete due to the massive amount of credit and debit cards that are in use. The modern age is looking down on physical currency, and there are many who are very upset at the penny. There is a big movement in the United States where individuals are trying to get the United States to stop manufacturing pennies. They say that these pennies are costing more to make than they are worth and they costing the government unnecessarily.

There are others who claim that stopping the printing of pennies would greatly disrupt the economy today. They claim that the unbalance from the loss of penny printing would be a ripple effect that would make unnecessary changes in the market. Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president is claiming that these changes would not affect the marketplace and the penny should be done away with. Diehl also states that only 25 percent of transactions are done with cash anymore. This goes to show that there are less and less people who are using these coins to begin with. This adds to the argument stating that pennies are becoming more obsolete every year.

In his CNBC Squawk Box interview Diehl states that there are very few transactions that would even be affected from the elimination of pennies. Rounding pennies up to the nearest 5 cent would not be something that would make a huge difference. The U.S. government would be able to save money each year not having to print pennies. If the U.S. government were to eliminate the printing of pennies each year the savings would total just over 105 million dollars. This is something that has many individuals in power very interested about this notion that keeps gaining more attention.

Human Rights Activist Try To Influence Nicki Minaj To Reject The Invite Of A Dictator

The global music icon, Nicki Minaj, has come under fire from the Human Rights Foundation for accepting an invitation to perform at a Christmas Festival in the African nation of Angola. The controversy stems from the communications company that is hosting the event, Unitel. This organization is directly linked to the ruling family of the southern nation, which is spearheaded by the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Santos has been accused of being a dictator, and his regime has been associated with crimes against the country’s journalist, activist and politicians. The Human Rights Foundation sent Nicki Minaj a letter that specified the concerns that they had for her indirect support of a dictator that allegedly amassed an enormous amount of wealth that is characterized as blood money. Despite the awareness that the Human Rights Foundation has brought to Nicki Minaj and her executive team, Minaj accepted the invite to participate in the Christmas festival and she performed without releasing a statement.

Even though the humans rights community does not expect Nicki Minaj to fix the problem of regimes that commit crimes against its citizens, the human rights community is working very hard to bring awareness to the general public and to people with influence and power. One of the prominent leaders of the global, human rights campaign is Thor Halvorssen. The 39-year-old Venezuelan native is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, he is a member of the Children’s Peace Movement, and he is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which organizes an annual human rights festival in the U.S., U.K. And Norway. Halvorssen’s life as an activist began in 1989, at the age of 13, when he organized events against the apartheid-based, South African regime.

Halvorssen is not only a human rights advocate; rather, he is a proxy victim of injustice as his mother and father were both victims of human rights violations by the Venezuelan government. In 1993, his father was stripped of his role as ambassador and imprisoned and tortured for 74 days for highlighting corruption and drug trafficking committed by Venezuelan officials. His father was even the target of the famed drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Halvorssen’s mother was victimized when Venezuelan security forces shot into a crowd of protesters during a peaceful demonstration. She was shot and survived her injuries, but one individual was killed and 12 others were wounded. The gunmen were found guilty of the shooting; however, they only served six months in prison.

Thor Halvorssen has used his passion and personal hardships as motivation to propel the issues of human mistreatment in the global community. He has advocated against anti-slave labor in China, and he has released featured films documenting various human rights issues. One of his films, The Sugar Babies, received critical acclaim and a lot of controversy as it explored the exploitation of migrant Haitian farm workers in the Dominican Republic.

Putting The Spotlight On Autism

Autism is a condition that affects millions around the world. Compassionate people like Sanjay Shah are working to raise awareness and funding for this condition through the Autism Rocks campaign. Autism Rocks is a Go Fund Me campaign started by Sanjay Shah that was spurred from a meeting with American rapper Snoop Dog. Sanjay Shah’s four-year-old son Nikhil was diagnosed with the condition. He now is committed to raising funding for research to be able to detect who might be at risk for being born with Autism. Sanjay Shah has raised over 15 million for Autism research and has hosted concerts featuring Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and Drake. The chance meeting with Snoop Dog gave Sanjay a light bulb moment. Being a music lover, he wondered if he could book music superstars to play concerts around the world. His incredible success with this project is only just beginning.

Forty-four-year-old Sanjay Shah is a British-born hedge fund manager that moved to Dubai after falling in love with the city. Sanjay is married to his wife Usha and has three children Esha, Aman, and Nikhil. When Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011 it hit him hard. He was pained to know that there was nothing that he could do for his son to cure him. When it was suggested by Snoop Dog at their meeting that he set up his own charity he jumped at the opportunity and has had huge success ever since.

Sanjay uses the money raised by Autism Rocks to go to Autism Research Trust, which supports research based at Cambridge University’s Autism Reseach Centre. The Centre aims to use technology to identify and help treat those who are at risk or who are born with this condition. They provide ongoing support to help manage symptoms throughout the individuals life. Sanjay now considers himself semi retired and is focusing on expanding his charity work with autism. He is constantly looking for new ways to raise money, awareness, and contributing his time and money to Austism research.