Securus Commits to Upholding Best Practice in The Industry As GTL Falls Victim

Unearthing skeletons that were assumingly buried 18 years ago might appear unnecessary. Securus Technologies however sees it differently: “If it can help bring to a stop a sin that is continually eating into the whole Industry, then it is worth it.” The company has gone ahead to release the first in its series of revelations on how Global Tel Link has bitten the very hand that serves its food. Story published by PR Newswire.

In 1998, The Louisiana Public Service Commission issued an order in an investigation into the misconduct of GTL. The company was implicated in a number of wrongdoings and it seemed they had learnt of their wrongdoings and would therefore naturally work on their integrity. GTL has however continued with breaking the law as the script has continued to replay over and over again.

The major challenge, according to Securus Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, is that the public perceives a misconduct by a single player in the industry as the way business is conducted in the entire industry. GTL therefore tarnishes the image of all the law enforcement and correction industry players.

Among the accusations in its charge sheet include: deliberately programming the call duration timing clocks by adding 15 to 36 seconds to calls; fraudulently double billing calls; and charging rates over those permitted. A whole 18 years after PSC found GTL guilty of the offenses, they continue the same way. Smith terms this a cancer in their industry that must be dealt with in the manner it calls for.

Securus Technologies boasts a clean track record of maintaining integrity in their operations The Texas-based company currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and 3450 public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies across North America. The A+ accredited company focuses on connecting what matters in its vision to make the world a better place to live.


Coworking Spaces Are Becoming More Popular


The way entrepreneurs is consistently changing. Many people have the opportunity to meet new people while during their work due to co-working spaces. Places are popping up all around the world. In Italy during the 15th century master artists helped the newer artists during the Renaissance workshop. This was a way for the more seasoned artists to help out the younger artists. This was a way for the younger artists to sharpen their skills and learn new techniques.
Many people like co-working spaces because they can draw inspiration from others and possibly get together and collaborate with others along the way. Many times great networking opportunities become available due to having a co-working space. It is best to talk to people within the space so that a connection can be made with others.
A great co-working space in New York City is Workville. Workville NYC is a shared office space that is built with luxury in mind. Workville provides move in ready spaces that will fit most people’s budget. For people who love outside spaces, there are actually three outside terraces. A wonderful characteristic of this building is that the users have twenty-four hour access. This means for people who prefer to work during the evening will be able to do it. This is awesome for people that have children and need to work while they are sleeping. Another great aspect is that daily cleaning is provided. So the users of this space never have to worry about coming into a space that is not prepared for them. Some people think they will not be able to afford being in a co-working space; however this is far from the truth. Workville has a place that meets every person’s budget; even if they only want to use it for a couple of hours.
If anyone is thinking about trying a new co-working space, they should definitely look into Workville. Many people enjoy having the co-working space. They are able to get things done and interact with others throughout the day. This is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs who do not want to feel alone in their business.

Morality Beware, Kyle Bass Predicts Turmoil in China

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund in Dallas, Texas, expects the Chinese banking system to strain and struggle with their bad loans. The current facts display challenges for China’s 134 city commercial banks. After a forced cleanup of credit unions, in the 1990’s, city commercial banks, scattered from Harbin to Hainan, were created to handle the small lender responsibilities in China. These banks, in recent years have multiplied their risk by dumping money into opaque investment products. One current result is the 90% downturn of profits in 2015 at one lender, China Resources Bank of Zhuhai and Co.

The challenges on the immediate horizon for the Chinese banking industry can not be disputed, however Kyle Bass’s predictions raise a question about his possible involvement. His morally checkered path consists of questionable financial movements. His current scheme is dealing with pharmaceutical companies. First, he “short-sells” their stock and then challenges one or more of the pharmaceutical company’s patents, through his front organization, The Coalition of Affordable drugs. This causes fear in the markets.

The planned and inevitable results are, stock prices go down, Bass makes millions, the pharmaceutical company’s stock goes back up, and their desire to continue to fund research on their drugs goes down. In the end, the people that suffer the most are the patients that need that particular drug to ease their pain, minimize their need for chemotherapy, or to save their life.

According to the article Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Bass is repeating this process with one pharmaceutical company after another. Each time his bank account grows. Considering his past motives for action in his business dealings, it is important to research deeper into China’s current situation, before believing his predictions.

The city banks in China hold 15% of the nation’s commercial assets. They used financial engineering to disguise lending, by buying investments from other investment firms. If these investments go into default, liquidity problems can arise for the small bank. This can cause failure for that particular banking institution and the results can have a domino effect economically in that community.

Kyle Bass’s prediction on China’s small banking situation may have some accuracy, however, considering his history someone may question, “what is in it for him?”

Crystal Hunt: A Lifelong Career

How many of us can say we were doing what we do now ever since we were born? Not many I’m sure. An exception to this is the actress Crystal Hunt. Crystal knew what she wanted to do with her life from a very young age. Born on February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, Hunt began competing in pageant shows at the of 2 years old. Her talent in the pageants was acting. She went on to star in many commercials and in 2003 at the age of 17, Hunt auditioned for a role on the daytime drama “Guiding Light” and was cast as “Lizzie Spaulding”, a role that she received an Emmy nomination for.

Hunt then went on to star in movies. In 2005 she starred alongside Zac Efron in the major motion picture “The Derby Stallion” and in 2007 she costarred with Amanda Bynes in the film “Sydney White”.

In 2009 Hunt returned to television and was cast as “Stacy Morasco” on the daytime series “One Life to Live” and then leaving the role 3 years later in 2012.

She returned to film in 2013 when she costarred alongside her good friend Dania Ramirez in thriller “NYC Underground” from Lionsgate films. Then in 2014 Hunt returned to television while working on “Queens of Drama” which aired in April of 2015.

Returning once again to the big screen, on Facebook Hunt announced she would be starring alongside Channing Tatum and others in “Magic Mike XXL”, the sequel to the popular film “Magic Mike”. “Magic Mike XXL” was released to theaters in July of 2015.

Besides her acting career, Crystal worked with her good friend Dania Ramirez and together they produced the feature film “Talbot County”, a horror movie based on the legend of the Talbot County werewolf, Emily Burt.

Venezuela Food Poverty

Venezuela is facing a tough time, not only in food shortages but economically. What used to be the richest nation in South America is now struggling to live. Prices of oil have dropped significantly along with other problems that have caused this downfall. Protesters are blaming President Nicolas Maduro for frequent power shortages, water loss, and inflation. They’re calling a referendum to kick him out of office. This recession is reducing employment, making it harder for families and small business to survive. Streets are filled with vendors selling fruit. In a study by linked in, more than 30 million civilians are turning to fruit trees for sources of food. This is affecting people in the capital as well. During lunch breaks they are out looking for fruit. Long lines are forming outside of supermarkets from lack of deliveries for groceries.
According to Fox News, 76 percent are now under the poverty line opposed to two years ago of 52 percent. A few years ago, this country didn’t exist such a harsh poverty that would cause people to dig through trash just to find food. While most are salvaging food, others are trying to gain extra money by reselling old produce. The scary thing says Manuel Gonzalez is, civilians selling these produce aren’t just people who have lost their jobs, but families just trying to get by. This country needs help, and hopefully something arises quickly before this get even worse.

PR Firm Proves Their Abilities On Their Own Company

Status Labs is one of the leading online reputation management companies, but what happens when they get drug through a PR crisis? They show what they are made of and repair it.

After establishing themselves in the business world and successfully helping more than 1,000 clients, Status Labs suddenly found themselves in the middle of a reputation disaster due to one of their now former executives. The company handled it just as they would for any other client, they began the slow and steady process of making a change in their leadership and rebuilding their corporation.

The employees unanimously called for the resignation of the executive in question, and the public relations team took that information straight to the media along with a letter from the company and a team photo from Status Labs. They put real faces, real people, to the name of the company that people currently hated and helped the public understand their anger was misdirected. Status Labs realized they were very disconnected from their local community, making it easy for people to not personalize them as real people, so they got involved in their local Austin community and helped make a difference.

The company also realized how hard it all was on their employees, they weathered numerous negative articles and comments as the fallout continued for the company, and Status Labs knew it was time to show them more appreciation to make them feel part of the team and reconnect all the employees in the company.

The final step is being much more cautious with who they add to the team. They consider employees as company ambassadors, and adding new people has to be done in a careful balance,and with lots of background information.

Overall, the company came out of the crisis as a stronger company that was more of a solid team. They learned how to handle PR and can show they can rebrand a company from the inside out.

Status Labs is run by president and co-founder Darius Fisher. He has worked along with his team to build Status Labs into a major reputation management firm that has worked closely with professionals, politicians, and Fortune 500 brands.

Fisher has built Status Labs from the ground up, and rebuilt it with the help of his strong team members after the major PR scandal that surrounded the company. He is also an investor in CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons, Waiakea, Sozo, and numerous other real estate projects. He was awarded the Innovative 50 from PRWeek in 2015 and just this year was awarded the Biz Dev Professional of Year in PR World. Along with his numerous business accomplishments, he is also a regular contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post.

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Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Shines its Light on Autism

Solo Capital Markets was the brain child of its founder Sanjay Shah, a British businessman. Mr. Shah began studying medicine and then decided it was not for him and switched gears and became an accountant. He was employed by several investment and banking type companies including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.
Utilizing his experience in the financial world he was able to guide Solo Capital to becoming one of the premier boutique investment companies. He assembled a very experienced team of investment professionals and they set the course to focus on proprietary trading, consulting and sports investments.

Sanjay Shah always had a philanthropic side to his character and personality, but it blossomed after his youngest son was diagnosed with autism and that became his focus. He researched autism and sought to help find a cure and promote awareness. Mr. Shah found through his research that autism is a disability that affects development and is one of the, if not the fastest development disorder in the world. Autism is characterized by development and communication skills difficulties and tosses a quagmire into the mix when it comes to social relationships. Children with autism typically have a narrow but strong field of interests and often experience repetitive behavior. Autism is something that is carried through the victim’s entire life and can be managed.

He founded a foundation called “Autism Rocks” and works to raise funding opportunities through music, more specifically by sponsoring concerts. The first concert his foundation sponsored was held in 2014 and the invitation only event featured the late musician and entertainer Prince. The concerts following have been successful ventures and feature well known musicians, recording artists and disc jockeys.

Mr. Shah is a trustee of the Autism Research Trust, which provides financial donations to the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. He took on the role of Trustee Director in 2013 and has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to a medical affliction that is largely misunderstood. His efforts have been applauded within the autism community and many families are the recipients of a positive experience through the awareness Sanjay Shah has brought.


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