Why George Soros Is Back To Haunt Republicans And Donald Trump?

For Republicans and Donald Trump, the return of the billionaire George Soros is not a good omen. After years of absence from trying to dictate the political affairs of the United States, George Soros is back to support the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. As the head of Soros family, George has a net worth of nearly $25 billion, which is mainly the result of shrewd investment strategies. Using his wealth to support several non-profits, reports from Federal Election Commission suggest that George is actively contributing to Hillary’s presidential campaign. So far, he has invested nearly $25 million to support Hillary’s presidential nomination.

Analysts, who know George Soros, admit that he has returned because he thinks that his contribution to the Democratic Party on nytimes.com can save the American People and the World from a fledgling future. In fact, there are three main reasons why George wants Hillary to become President. First, George has always fought against Presidential candidates who publicly claim that going to war is better than resolving issues on the table. In 2004, George Soros unsuccessfully spent nearly $27 Million to support John Kerry against George W. Bush. The primary reason for supporting Kerry was the intention of George W. Bush to wage aggressive military campaigns against other nations. As a result, George Soros sees even greater hate in the eyes of Donald Trump, who wants to deal with others, aggressively.

Besides, the second reason for George Soros to return to political affairs on Twitter is an indication that Trump will thwart social causes that George Soros has dedicated his life to. For instance, George actively supports immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious intolerance. It seems that Donald Trump has very little concerns for these issues. Likewise, Donald Trump is eager to resolve issues using his powers instead of an intellectual reform. In contrast, George Soros has spent nearly $13 billion in Eastern Europe to defend human rights and shape the democratic process in the region. Just like Eastern Europe, George wants to develop the intellectual capital in the third-world and troubled economies.

A third reason for the return is George’s acknowledgement of Hillary Clinton’s policies. As a long-time friend of Hillary Clinton, George Soros feels that he can advise Clinton on important national policy matters. As such, it is notable that George Soros did not show any interest in politics even when Obama was in charge because he might not have seen himself capable of contributing anything worthwhile.

For Republicans, George Soros is their leading boogeyman because he has the will and the money to fight against the cause he does not believe in. Only time will tell if he succeeds; however, George’s commitment to the American interest remains strong and unwavering.

Madison Street Capital Receives a Nomination for the Fifteenth Yearly M&A Advisor Awards

The Madison Street Capital investment banking firm has recently been announced as a finalist in the fifteenth installment of the competitive annual M&A Awards. The award puts the company on a pedestal since it often marks the success of a firm in the financial and investment industry. The attributes of the success being a company’s ability to conclude deals, provide finance, as well as a celebration in commemoration of the professionals driving the company objectives.

Madison Street Capital received nominations in fields such as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, and International and Industrial Firm of the Year as originally indicated at the Benzinga website. The company’s CEO and founder, Charles Botchway, was humbled by the fact that they played a part in the successful acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.S by their client Dowco. Mr. Botchway mentioned that they were honored to be contesting for the Boutique Investment Banking Company of the year. He also emphasized on the recognizable work of the Madison Capital staff in providing development and success opportunities for their clients.

Karl D’Cunha who spearheaded the acquisition of the Acuna & Asociados by Dowco, as Madison Street Capital’s managing director also aired out his feelings on the nomination. He cleared out that it hadn’t been an easy feat since the acquisition involved a trans-boundary transaction between the parties. The much-coveted award awaits the highest ranking company set to be announced on the 9th of November this year. The venue will be the New York Athletic Club. All eyes are on Madison Street Capital since they have had a great year. They have taken part in thousands of successful deals, financed their clients and even offered the right investment advice for other multinationals.

Madison Street Capital operates in a diverse range of services within the financial industry such as private equity, mergers, and acquisitions, hedge funds, business valuation services, advisory, venture capital and corporate tax planning among others. The company operates globally providing their clients with an edge for better competition business-wise. The company has full proof strategies in capital raising. These include the private placements and capital restructuring methods. In private placements, Madison Street Capital uses the industry knowledge together with steady relationships to provide viable capital maximization structures.

The company also facilitates client growth through acquisition of businesses. The strategy is however very demanding since it can be hard to find the perfect target to purchase and develop. The negotiation process, as well as deal structuring, can be rather lengthy requiring the right expertise. Madison Street Capital, however, has the appropriate experience in such deals having been in business for quite some time now. As a client, you can also benefit from the Madison Capital’s corporate advice. Here, you will find the key business objectives that are vital to the success of every business.

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How The SEC Whistleblower Program Is Empowering Whistleblowers Through Deserving Rewards


The SEC Whistleblower Program has advanced its purpose and gone ahead to offer better rewards to SEC whistleblowers. Established in 2010, the program is working to see the complete elimination of violations in the business world. Many companies before the introduction of the program would treat their customers and workers in a manner that is not in line with the securities laws set by the federal government.

In a bid to help whistleblowers share information without fear, the SEC Whistleblower Program is offering additional protection like the ability to report anonymously and protection against bullying or sacking by employers. Additionally, the reward system put in place is further motivating whistleblowers to march forward with facts about securities violations.

The most recent case that went into the history books of the body involves a reward amounting to more than $17 million, which went to a client that was sponsored by Labaton Sucharow, a leading law firm in the country. The whistleblower shared high quality information that has exposed the wrong doings that have been going on in the financial services industry. This was a bold move that few would attempt since those involved in the case are high profile professionals.

Labaton Sucharow was part of the parties that joined in the celebrations following the announcement of the issuance of the reward since their client was listed as the second highest rewarded whistleblower by the SEC since inception. Labaton Sucharow invested a lot of time into the case and honed every detail to perfection to ensure the information presented is relevant and reveals all the truths that would make it possible for the SEC to conclude their inspection.

The company is happy to know that most of the clients who have received rewards from the SEC cooperated through the whole process and showed courage despite some cases touching prominent leaders in different industries.

The Securities Exchange Commission Whistleblower Program
The SEC Whistleblower Program has increased effectiveness in the fight against securities violations and this has been possible through careful consideration and pursuit of all cases presented by whistleblowers. They have also increased the protection offered to whistleblowers not forgetting they are now allowing international reporting where anyone with information can submit facts regardless of their location across the world. These provisions and protections have eased the process of reporting and have attracted many people with details about securities violations to expose wrong doings in different industries.

Evolution of Smooth Produces A Unique Lip Balm

What do people do about dry or chapped lips? In many ways, dry or chapped lips is a common problem that many people deal with on a regular basis. Typically the cause of dry or chapped lips can be traced to a variety of issues such as the weather, illness, exposure to dry conditions, or other similar issues.

While the reasons for the occurrence of day or chapped lips tend to vary, the cure for the problem is usually to moisturize the lips. Moisture is a great healing element for lips. There are numerous ways that people can moisturize their lips, but one of the most popular is using lip balm. Most people have used lip balm at one time or another for day or chapped lips.

The use of lip balm is a way that people have been helping to cure dry or chapped lips for many decades. Although people use lip balm all the time, many people are not familiar with what makes up the components of lip balm. Mainly the wax like substance that is contained in all lip balm determines the appearance of lip balm. The wax appearance is from the wax that is used in lip balm. The wax is usually carnauba wax or beeswax. The wax is a main ingredient in lip balm, but other ingredients are used to produce lip balm. Some of these ingredients include lanolin, paraffin, and acetyl alcohol.

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS which is a company that produces several popular lip balm product lines, is a well-known company in the lip balm industry. The company provides lip balm is several different flavors, and the company offers several product lines. Check out Racked.com and http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245 for the variety of EOS products.

In addition, Evolution of Smooth packs its lip balm with vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. Evolution of Smooth manufactures a natural lip balm that is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and petrolatum free. View the Evolution of Smooth products on Pinterest.