How To Build Credibility And Trust With Customers

Are you looking fore a way to build or rebuild your online reputation? Need to find a good online reputation management firm to help you set up a reliable reputation management system? Nowadays, it is advisable to take full control of your search results and ensure that only favorable content is presented to Internet users.

Having the trust of your customers is a major component of running a successful business. Your clients and customers have conversations about their purchases. They discuss with friends and family members when they have an issue and they will most likely tell everyone about their experience with a particular company or brand.

The Internet makes it extremely easy to publish or post your experience for the world to read and you should certainly be concerned about negative reviews spreading all over the Internet. If your company has a tarnished image online, there is a chance that you will lose a lot of sales and revenue. That is why it is absolutely necessary to consult a team of qualified reputation management professionals to help you establish a good reputation while pushing down negative reviews.

There are many renowned Online Reputation Review management firms with a team of professionals that include content creators and search engine optimization specialists. With an experienced team of experts by your side, you can recover from negative publicity and regain trust from your potential customers.

Tools professionals use for taking care of reputations online include automated searches, blogging, subscriptions to review sites, and profiles on social media websites. Businesses may also engage with customers by handing out discounts, holding events and other promotional materials, seeking reviews and recommendations from bloggers with high profiles on the web, and attending conferences dedicated to social networking, online communications, and Internet culture.

It can be a very complicated and time-consuming task to stay on top of all conversations about your brand online. When it comes to being in control of your online credibility, acting fast is absolutely essential. Using efficient tracking tools and professional assistance can enhance the reputation management process and make streamline it for you.


Getting Gooee LED Lighting in the House

LED lighting is great for homeowners and houses all across the country. The reason LED lighting is so popular is because of the fact that it allows people to save tons of money by using a more energy efficient option. Energy Efficiency is something that a lot of people are seriously committed to and this is why it is incredibly important that you switch to something that is going to let you save money as opposed to cost you a lot more over time. Switching to Gooee LED lighting is one of the best things you can do for your entire house needs and allows you to save tons of money because of the fact that you have taken the time to do this for yourself.

Gooee offers a variety of LED lighting options that you will find incredibly beneficial for your whole house. This is why so many people have decided on this for themselves and why they have chosen it because of the fact that it truly works for them. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is to consider different ways for you to save lots of money and switching to LED lighting is definitely one of them. Make sure that you consider this as an option for yourself because of the fact that it truly works and give you anything that you need when it comes to providing better quality lighting that you can make yourself each and every day yourself.

Kenneth Goodgame for OEM excellence

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential leader in Operations Management who specializes in establishing million and billion-dollar OEM excellence. He combines merchandising, streamlined financial oversight, innovative marketing, and smart business strategy to create a sustainable business venture

Goodgame’s extensive experience in OEM industry gives him a veteran’s eye to analyze market trends and avoid costly errors that many entrepreneurs make.

Kenneth Goodgame’s Education and Professional Journey

HBS Dealer reports that Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. He began his career at Hardlines D28 Product Merchant between 1995 and 1999.

There he managed all purchasing activities for the indoor garden category with total sales reaching $3Billion for Southern Region. He helped the company grow its sales by 20% annually and opened over 220 new stores every year.

In 1999, He moved to Proprietary Brands where he served as the Director between1999 and 2001. Goodgame helped to negotiate and execute a first-of-its-kind national deal with John Deere to develop consumer mowers and tractors that were sold under Scotts Brands.

Other firms that he worked for include the Home Depot, Atlanta, GA between 1994 and 2002, President and General Manager for Rubbermaid Cleaning from2002 to 2004, and the President and General Manager for Bernzomatic from 2004 to 2006.

Kenneth Goodgame also served at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC from 2002 to 2007 and True Value Hardware Corporation from2013 to 2015.

Goodgame’s Strengths for OEM Excellence

Goodgame has demonstrated excellence in the growth of OEMs he has worked with over the years. While serving as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Value Hardware Incorporation, Goodgame managed full P&L in global purchasing valued at $2.2B and in active inventory, $320M across 85,000 SKUs.

He also led a team of multifunctional groups that came up with a five-year corporate strategic plan for long-term economic growth.

Goodgame’s focus is to bring a balance of corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement, and quality assurance systems that steer performance and profitability.

Kenneth Goodgame believes that his secret for success is the application of his unique ability to champion growth through leadership, cost analysis, quality improvement, productivity enhancement, and composed negotiations.

Dr Weisfogel is Doing Great Work in Fighting Apnea

Sleep apnea is increasingly becoming a major problem for most Americans. Its destructive effects are now clear. Research shows that sleep apnea has a close relation with chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart disease. These new developments have created panic among medical professionals with many calling for fresh research.


Among those calling for renewed research on apnea is Doctor Avi Weisfogel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters. According to Avi, about 90 percent of people with apnea barely know they have it until they begin to develop complications. Weisfogel and his team are embarking on a journey to sensitize people about the seriousness of this condition. He has reached out to many people including volunteers and physicians who are willing to help patients with this condition. Sleep physicians have also joined hands with clinical dentists to help curb its effects. He is confident that breakthroughs will emerge soon if people come together to support his course.


More About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Dr. Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, an organization that has come up with programs and models to provide solutions to those with sleep apnea. Weisfogel has an extensive experience in medical interventions to help those with sleep disorders. His first hospital, Old Bridge a few Dental Care became a popular place for those who different issues ranging from dental deformations to dental sleep disorders. He was awarded as the best dentist in different community wards for many years. His exploration of apnea and complications associated with it began several years ago. She wanted to discover new techniques through which dentists and clinical physicians could help patients with apnea.


His efforts gave birth to Dental Sleep Masters. Through the support of well-wishers, the organization is currently doing research to find a perfect solution for apnea patients. His organization also identifies those with the condition all over the country and gives them secure treatment. Dr. Weifogel is also behind the formation of GoFundMe to assist in funding surgeries for children and teenagers who suffer from facial deformations. The organization has established an account to enable people donate to the course.

A Great Way to Save Millions

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland is a new name to the business and social media world, but one that will not soon be forgotten. Even though he is only in his early twenties, this revolutionary entrepreneur may have just transformed how business within the United States and abroad will be ran for years to come.

While his business model does not seem significant to how corporations operate, it is potentially an ingenious way for corporations to save moneyy.

Magnises is McFarland’s contribution to the world, a social media club of sorts that offers sizable discounts on a umber of recreational fronts such as bars, restaurants, concerts and amusement parks. While this ultimately seems worthless to companies its potential should not be ignored as it could help to solve the issue of financial placement.

Sales people and businessmen alike much often times call together valuable business meetings which include recreational presences. These meetings and conferences could add up to cost thousands of dollars depending on location and implements, meaning that a program such as Magnises is exactly what they need in order to save a lot of capital.

While a single meeting might have normally costs hundreds of dollars through Magnises it could potentially be divided into multiple meetings instead, saving the company millions annually.

Magnises operates simply enough, through the use of a metal discount card that is attached to a bank account and can be used as form of legal tender for transactions. When used as payment the discount is taken out first before an end payment is made, allowing members to save a large sum of money in the process.

Not only is this an amazing idea for normal members but it could potentially be a Godsend for business owners and operators who are looking for new and improved ways of saving their corporations some capital that can be distributed into other avenues.

Kabbalah Centres Unite Students of Kabbalah Around the World.

Kabbalah Centres are non-profit organizations where Kabbalah followers can come together to teach students the principles of Kabbalah. There are Kabbalah Centers in 40 cities around the world, and the students study ancient documents in order to understand spiritual laws that will assist them in their lives.

The study of Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that originated before the Bible when the Earth was young. The first Kabbalah Centre was established in 1922 in Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Today, almost 100 years later, brick and mortar Centers, the Kabbalah University and online Kabbalah Centre all have a presence in the community and on the Internet where millions are reached every day.

What is Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah Centre, physical or online, provides instructors who have years of experience to teach the principles of Kabbalah. The classes are very practical and can be studied by anyone regardless of their beliefs or faith. Kabbalah is not a religion, but a practical study that develops tools the student can use to improve their lives and bring joy. The heart of Kabbalah is based on the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, the origin of Creation, and the journey each and every soul takes.

The Five Basic Principles Of Kabbalah are:

1) Sharing, which is the basis of life and the way to achieve fulfillment.

2) Balancing the ego, which brings negativity.

3) The existence of religious laws – these are the laws of the universe.

4) We are all one, from the same Creator.

5) Leave your comfort zone for miracles by making yourself uncomfortable for another person.

The Internet offers incredibly more options and information than amazing Centres. The latest expression of the Kabbalah Centres is Spark Magazine.

In each issue, there are articles from the Bergs, current events and projects, and new projects such as the new Kabbalah Youth Initiative. Kabbalah Centres reach those interested close to their location, but reaches millions with the basic principles. Improving individuals improves the world.

Humanitarian Support for Customers

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of security and communications solutions for customers serving time or working directly for the United States justice system, has recently received the highest of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with a rating of an A+. This accreditation is a huge honor for the company, which has been loyally serving its customers for the past several years. This ranking means that possible new customers will be able to see that Securus Technologies is a company that they can trust, especially during hard times and they are unsure how communication with their loved ones is going to work out.


Securus Technologies provides communication solutions to its customers, who are normally incarcerated individuals currently serving time in either prison or jail for past mistakes they have made. These solutions can be found in such products as a free downloadable application that allows inmates to directly communicate with their family members over efficient video streaming services. The provision of this application means that family members and loved ones of the inmate can bypass the irritating periods of time to drive to the prison or jail and the ridiculous time it takes to move through security checks. Inmates are now able to talk directly to their loved ones without any difficulty, and this is a major deal for anyone involved. Watch this video on Youtube.


Securus technologies provides incredible humanitarian products to customers who most of the world tends to ignore. These communication solutions, alongside their dedication to their customers, make Securus an excellent company that more individuals would look in to. This new accreditation by the Better Business Bureau only strengthens these claims and makes Securus an even more reliable and prestigious corporation within its business field.


EOS Lip Balm Will Help Everyone Get Healthier Lips

The traditional lip balms on the market do not offer the best results for someone who wants to moisten their lips. The old lip balms are far behind EOS lip balm because they just cover up the problem. Someone who wants to be sure that they can care for their lips better will grab a brightly colored tube of lip balm, and they will use it just like they used their other lip balms. Kids are the target market here because they will love the way that EOS lip balm is packaged and marketed to them. The company has made a real commitment to helping kids get involved in the care of their bodies.

A kid who is using EOS lip balm will also have a lot of other options that they might like. There is lotion available from, and they have partnered with Keds to make shoes that will go with their tubes of lip balm. Lip balm might not make people feel stylish, but now EOS lip balm is very stylish. It is a big part of the cosmetics industry, and it is something that people will enjoy wearing because it is so nice to look at. It has no color, but it makes lips look great.

Everyone who wants to be sure that they can care for their lips should pick up a tube of EOS lip balm. They can get their own shoes to match their lip balm, and they can use the lip balm every day just like they did their old tubes. These tubes last longer, and they make people feel better about their lips because they look better after just one swipe of the balm. EOS is one of the most valuable companies in the industry now because it is working to help young people look their best. View the EOS product gallery on Pinterest.

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