Baho Food Was Acquired By OSI Industries

Nearly two years ago, OSI Industries purchased the company Baho Food. Baho Food has a strong presence in Europe and is a Dutch company that processes various food items and meat products for both the retail industry and food service industry. The move made sense because OSI Industries is in the business of providing various solutions to businesses in the food industry.

At the time of the acquisition Baho Food had factories in the Netherlands and Germany. They also have five subsidiary companies that have a combined history of over 50 years in selling and marketing various products, such as convenience foods, deli meats and snacks. The company’s base of customers are located in 18 countries in Europe.

At the time of the deal the COO and president of OSI Industries, David McDonald, said OSI would be able to expand their presence and have a stronger footprint in Europe. This was due to the footprint and presence Baho Food already had. He went onto say that Baho Food’s products and brands complemented their own strengths.

OSI Industries: Careers & Employment

For those interested in pursuing employment with OSI Industries, they can visit the company’s website or leading job websites. OSI Industries operates plants and offices around the world, and they have job openings in various areas of the industry. For example, some of the positions they hire for and currently hiring for includes production labor, frozen grinding and sanitation. They have everything from entry-level jobs all the way up to high executive jobs.

Furthermore, OSI has many positive reviews from past and present employees. Not only that, but the company is one of the top 100 companies in America. This is due to them being a good place to work for and their commitment to providing their customers with high quality products.

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Sheldon Lavin wins the 2016 Global Visionary Awards Based on His Leadership Skills

Sheldon Lavin has over the past years worked in the meat industry shaping his career on the walls of finance and business management. The chief executive officer of OSI Group also serves as the chairman and has categorically worked on streamlining the business by allocating the resources to the right dockets of service delivery. Starting off, he worked in the industry of finance and dedicated most of his time to managing other people’s business through providing finance services. Additionally, he was skilled in offering the right advice regarding business. That way, he managed to deliver exceptional results and even get to the best side of the owner of Otto & Sons, who needed his services in finances.

Background Information

Lavin worked for Otto & Sons for some time. While there, he garnered vast experience on management. Becoming an instrumental contributor to the business, he was now able to allocate the right amount of money to the right department. Seeing that he was good in management, the head cheerleader of Otto & Sons poached him to work as the head of the department. When it was time to rebrand the firm, Lavin retained position and bought off a controlling share of the company. From that moment on, he has been serving as the chief executive officer of the company.

Leadership Roles

As the head of all departments at OSI Group, Lavin commits time, effort and resources to the development of the company. Most importantly, he oversees the management and decides the precise business model to use for the acquisition of the stated goals and objectives.

Global Expansion

Lavin has successfully guided OSI Group through various acquisitions. As usual, the acquisitions have been instrumental in developing the company’s portfolio of services. Other than that, he has always advocated for the implementation of instrumental policies geared towards creating a comfortable working environment for its people. Consequently, the company has expanded its operations to more than 17 countries. In these countries are 80 facilities that accommodate more than 12,000 employees.

Leadership Overview

Sheldon Lavin has been walking OSI Group throughout its growth and challenges. Consequently, he was awarded the Global Visionary Award for the best executive in his industry. Usually, this award is conferred to leaders who have invested time in growing their businesses. As Lavin continues to lead the company, it is clear that he has more constructive plans for the development of the firm.


Brown Modelling Agency Uses Social Media To Their Advantage

There are ways that a company can take social media and use it to advance the work that they do, and there are some who will use it more than others. Brown Modelling Agency is one of the companies that uses social media to stay connected with those people who might like to work with them either as a model or as a client. They understand the importance of social media and the way that a social media account can best serve them. This agency can be found on both Instagram and Twitter as well as YouTube and Facebook. They are readily available to anyone who would like to follow them on social media.


The Twitter account of the Brown Modelling Agency shares links to ads that feature models they have worked with, allowing potential models to see the kind of work that they might be able to do if they work with the agency. Those who are considering working with the agency as clients in need of models can learn more about the kind of models that this agency represents by checking out their Twitter account, as well. There are some pictures shared on the Twitter account that give people a behind-the-scenes look at the modeling process.


Those who spend time checking out the Brown Modelling Agency on Instagram can find images of the models that work with this agency as well as relevant news articles and other information. Open calls are shared on the Instagram account, allowing those who are interested in modeling for this agency to know when they can try out to do that. Potential models can follow the Instagram account of this agency to stay up to date on all that they are doing and the needs that they have.


The Brown Modelling Agency Facebook page allows individuals to see when they can try out for the agency and it also allows people to get in touch with the agency. Those who spend time on the Facebook page can invite their friends to check it out or like it. The Facebook page shares some general information about the agency so anyone can learn through checking it out.


There are some who use social media to their full advantage, and the Brown Modelling Agency seems to be one of those groups that is doing that.