Southridge Capital can Turn Companies Finances Around

According to an article on, Southridge Capital is a big deal when it comes to financial services. They are able to give advice to public companies to help them with their finances and find solutions to help their bottom line.


The company has invested over a billion in companies over the past decade and have financed over two hundred companies. Their services cast a wide net so a company doesn’t have to use more than one financial advisor. THey design financial statements to help companies see where their money is going and where it should go. They help a company figure out their debt and equity and how to make sure the two are balanced. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.


According to PRNewswire, Southridge is a company that prides itself on thinking outside the box to help companies eliminate debt and start making a profit. The company itself promotes volunteer work and helping the community for their employees and takes pride in being able to have a positive effect on those around them.


Some of the organizations Southridge Capital has provided support for include the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, LounsBury House, the Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, and many others. Southridge Capital’s management team consists of some great talent when it comes to financial advisers. They include Stephen M. Hicks as their CEO and Henry Sargent as the CFA. Both men have a rich history in the market and have made a lot of money. Through their company they are able to help change the lives of their clients and set them on a better financial path. Check out



Southridge Capital’s CEO has personally given to many charities and worthy causes through the foundation they set up the Daystar Foundation. They want to not only make a good impact in their customer’s lives but also in those people’s lives who can really use the help.



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Lime Crime- Saving one party at a time

Imagine waking up one morning to a world full of chaos. The dog knocked over the water bowl and tracked mud in through your house, you hit your toe on the corner of the coffee table, the cake for your daughters b day party tomorrow says “Happy Anniversary”, and to make matters worse, you just found out that in order to have the party at the waterpark, you have to switch the party to today. You start to freak out and you call your mom. She calmly teaches you the ropes and tells you that she will meet you at the park.

You pick up your daughter and meet up with your mom to get this party started. As you desperately unpack all of the balloons and the cake that you had to re ice, you realize that you forgot the one thing that means the most, the present. Since last years Venus palette was the talk of the entire year for her, you just knew that you couldn’t go wrong with getting her the Venus 3 this year. With its exciting 8 new colors that you can wear to almost any occasion, it surely was the perfect gift for any woman. Your mom sees that you are almost in tears and walks over to you. After a brief discussion about the accidental forgetfulness of the present, your mom cracks the sweetest smile and goes to her van.

Returning a few minutes later she hugs you tightly and hands you a package to give to your daughter. “This will help.” she tells you. As you walk over to your daughter and hand her the package, your heart starts to pound. Maybe it would have been smart to ask what was in the package, but, it’s too late for that now. She tears open the front of the package and looks up at you with the biggest eyes before running off and screams, “Thank you Mommy! Thank you so much!” As you turn to your mom in tears, she tells you that she decided to buy the Venus XL this year because it comes with 18 colors and the long lasting wear of the makeup is an experience that simply could not be passed up for her perfect granddaughter. You hug her tight and thank her again for saving another birthday. Another party saved, another daughter happy all thanks to Lime Crime.

Whitney Wolfe Has Revolutionized The Online Dating Scene With Her Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble as well as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. While Bumble is a dating app, Bumble BFF looks to help women find friends instead, and Bumble Bizz functions more as an app that connects business professionals. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she studied at Southern Methodist University where she focused in on International Studies. While there, she started her first business, which saw her selling bamboo tote bags.

Whitney Wolfe is now 28 years old, and her company is allowing women to make the first move when it comes to dating. She was part of the original team at Tinder but moved on from the company due to sexual harassment allegations and discrimination claims made by her. Instead of giving up, she drew on her experience as an entrepreneur and started up Bumble. As the idea progressed, she ran into the CEO and founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and he inspired her to move away from her idea to build a female-only social network. Instead, she would create the world’s first female-first dating platform.

Whitney Wolfe moved forward with funding from Andreev, and started up Bumble, which was located in Austin, Texas. The headquarters of the company is set up more like a living room than a startup location, and this is how they like it there. Wolfe has explained that she wants her workers to feel like they can work together more comfortably instead of feeling like they are locked away in a stuffy office-like environment. She also decided to outsource the engineering and tech work to Badoo in London, which has allowed the company to grow more rapidly than it would have otherwise.

Whitney Wolfe agrees that she built Bumble on the premise that women can make the first move in the dating world. She also decided to work hard to make Bumble a safe place where people feel relaxed. While it was controversial, at the time, she moved to ban images with guns in them on Bumble. If a professional used guns in their job, then this was ok but posing with guns just for the sake of it became banned. Today, people are amazed that Whitney Wolfe has been able to break into an industry that was male-dominated and create something that has gained massive popularity. The people who really know her aren’t surprised at all, because she has always been one to push the boundaries in order to find success.

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