A Handy Million a Week with Handy

Handy is another venture capital success story. Handy is yet another mobile application success story. Handy is also an innovation of Internet Marketing success story. The outcome of the partnership of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua is reminiscent of that of Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, on a slightly smaller scale, yet with the millions and millions of households in the world, and the potential of Handy to reach many of them, their success could possibly rival the success of Google.

This is truly a win win situation for Handy and for those who contract with the company to do jobs on facebook that can be picked up. Although the staff for Handy is small in the office in New York with only 50 employees, it has a long list of background checked, reliable freelance business partners who can make 22 to 45 dollars an hour on jobs.

Making it easy to schedule cleaning jobs and home repair jobs for millions and millions of dollars of revenues is splendid for the two partners, Dua and Hanrahan. It was also a profitable turn of events as well for the two companies that provided the angel money for Handy, then called Handybook. The mighty app developers together were able to raise $12 million in venture capital from General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Management. The productivity of Handy after raising these funds yielded sales that have grown rapidly each month at the rate of 60% for three straight months.

Today, Handy is the frontier company for putting individuals in need of household services in contact with pre-vetted, high skilled independent service providers such as cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. Handy matches service requests with contractors in a short tap motion of the finger on a mobile device. It takes less than a minute to book the gig and payment is taken on a secure web server with a 100% money back guarantee.

What is most surprising about this company’s success is that it took place in three short years. Founded in 2012, Handy, which started as Handybook came out of a need encountered by Hanrahan at age nineteen. He wanted to find an easier way to get handywork done on real estate investments he started purchasing in Eastern Europe. He found real estate investing was hindered immensely by the task of fixing up the homes for sale. To make this easier, he and his partner, who both met at Harvard Business School, developed an easy way to easily bring together reliable handyworkers with busy people in real estate. This of course was a business model mobile app that suited all types of busy people in the long run. Partner Umang Dua is the bright Co-Founder who developed an online program that connected one group with another, specifically hopeful would be college students who were seeking association with enrolled students worldwide. The two men struck a chord which now has revenue streams topping $1 million per week.

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