Advocating For the Rights of Whistleblowers

Labaton Sucharow is honored as a leading Plaintiff firm in the United States. After the Dodd- Frank Act was passed, Labaton Sucharow was the first to start the SEC whistleblower program that was aimed to offer services on employee protection and anonymous reporting. Besides, they ensured that a whistleblower received a maximum compensation if their cases led to successful law enforcement.

According to the SEC whistleblower program, after a successful law enforcement action, a whistleblower was entitled to a reward of 10-30 percent of the amount recovered. Besides, a whistleblower could be subject to other rewards from sanctions collected from a similar or related security violation filed by a different law enforcement organization.

In a recent settlement, a whistleblower represented by the Labaton Sucharow’s SEC whistleblower attorney received more than $17 million in a monetary award. The monetary award became the second largest award ever issued by the SEC since the formation of the SEC whistleblower program back in 2010.

Besides issuing monetary awards to whistleblowers, the act also protected whistleblowers from facing retaliation from their employers. To further protect the employee, the act also gave room to anonymous reporting whereby a SEC whistleblower lawyer filed securities violation on behalf of a whistleblower. The SEC lawyer kept the personal details of the whistleblower anonymous from the time a lawsuit is filed till the outcome is achieved.

It is through Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower program that they were awarded more than $17 million on behalf of a whistleblower who had filed a security violation against a major organization in the financial industry. The lawsuit was successful since the whistleblower provided high-quality evidence that was vital for a lawful sanction.

Jordan A. Thomas, a SEC whistleblower attorney, was contented by their client who helped in the successful penalty. He urged other individuals to step out and file securities violations that could assist in minimizing securities offenses.

Jordan A. Thomas is the head of Labaton Sucharow’s SEC whistleblower program. He works alongside a dedicated team composed of investigators, financial analysts and forensic analysts with a solid background in law enforcement.

The firm’s whistleblower program works to ensure anonymous reporting, employment protections and advocacy for maximum and fair compensation for their clients whose case lead to a successful law enforcement action. Through the expertise exhibited by Jordan Thomas in whistleblower program, he was honored as the first SEC attorney of a public company to receive a whistleblower award.