Blaze Your Own Trail with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is the makeup company for women who truly enjoy expressing themselves through fashion and beauty. It is the first stop for women who think that their features do not need to be covered up or blended in order to be beautiful. This, along with incredibly high-quality products, is what has made Lime Crime such a success in the beauty industry in recent years. While the cosmetics company has not yet been in the market for a decade, it is already changing the game in terms of what passes as mainstream beauty. When Lime Crime first launched its Velvetine lipsticks and made them available in matte, other companies began following suit. Although it would not be fitting with the core Lime Crime philosophy to want others to fall in line with a particular trend, no one can argue with the fact that Lime Crime has become a major trend-setter in the industry with its willingness to be different from the ordinary and take pride in its quest to do so.

Another thing that makes Lime Crime’s makeup products so universally appealing is that the bright shades and extreme pops of color can be combined with more subtle makeup or adapted to any kind of overall look. That is to say, Lime Crime does not do different just for different sake. Instead, it wants to give women the option of exploring different looks for them and finding out what fits best with their unique personality. Lime Crime is all about personal choice and just being another avenue through which its followers are able to express themselves away from any mainstream beauty restrictions.

The founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, certainly fits with the company’s core values, and lays them out on Deere herself is a major fan of self expression and thoroughly enjoys expressing herself through both fashion and beauty choices. She encourages everyone she meets to try to do the same because she believes it makes for a much happier existence for everyone in general. Deere has blazed her own trail as a female entrepreneur and takes great pride in her company’s success.  Be sure to follow along as Lime Crime continues to grow on Facebook, and they are really known for their Instagram.  There they have tons of pictures of new products, and celebrities that love the makeup themselves.  That can be found @limecrimemakeup.