Brazilian Literary Genius Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazil is not only one of the best places to go for a vacation; it is home to a pleasant author Jaime Garcia Dias. He was born forty five years ago in Rio de Janeiro and has grown to be a renowned author who has written articles, books and journals that are extensively entertaining and informative. He is the most beloved author that the people of Brazil and others in the whole world who strive to get a hand on his translated books enjoy reading. Extraordinary writing and high intellectual capabilities have earned him recognition world over. He was born to parents who had prestigious professions; the father was a journalist and mother was an architect, and wanted the best for him too. This meant getting to pursue whatever career he felt was suitable for him. He was given the best schooling and at an early age of fifteen years, he developed interest in literature, and the father was there to give him the necessary support needed and learn a few writing tips from.

Dias followed his father’s footsteps and went on to publish over 20 books and maintain a personal WordPress blog. Writing a publishing a book is not an easy task but it is an inspiring experience. The kind of books he writes are fictions books earning him the title of Brazil’s best fiction writer. In 2013, he made a remarkable move by writing a book-Cronica Um Sabio, no Jornal do Brasil- meant to honor his father. The same time, he wrote an inspiring journal about Brazilian youth, addressing their major challenges and advising them on the best ways to get out of them.

Brazil as a country is showing its support for all writers and literature experts. The country has come up with strategies meant to push forward writing endeavors and having a public translation center where Dias sits a board member. Their efforts have benefited many writers, including Dias, who write in native languages and get their books translated so as they can access a larger market in the globe. Dias being an extremely prolific writer has won awards like Barca Branca and ABC Award for his pleasant literary work.

Dias has also worked as teacher at Carioca Literature Academy where he was trying to share his experience in literary writing and inspire new souls to take up the profession, some of his lectures even posted to his YouTube to be shared with the rest of the world. In 2007, Dias was made the head of the academy and has worked ever since to make it become a front runner in writing journalistic literature materials. Due to his assertive influence to a good number of authors, many Brazilian authors have devoted to it. The most remarkable book that he has written is Fell from Heaven, which was promoted widely by Jasue Gomez and became the bestselling book in South America.