George Soros: Dealing With Critics & Glenn Beck’s Anti-Semiticism

A lot can be said about George Soros, and some of it might seem like it was ripped right out of a dramatic film. He has certainly lived an eventful life. He is considered a giant in the financial world. When he steps into a room of financial gurus, many stop and listen to what he has to say, yet Soros is just a man. He has made some profitable choices and some mistakes, but he has definitely earned his place in the world. Soros is the 30th richest man in the world. This is not a position you achieve without turning some heads, including “haters.”

Several people have attempted to besmirch his name through reports, articles, and interviews. Soros has been attacked for his positions on several subjects, but he has never recoiled. He is an adamant believer in the defense of democracy and the fight for freedom. This is not surprising since he was born in Budapest while the Nazis took control of it. Soros had to hide his God-given identity just to survive. George Soros has been actively involved in presidential races in the United States and funded many democratic candidates. He has also funded several campaigns around the world that sought to overthrow dictatorships or communistic governments. He will not apologize for what is dear to his heart.

George Soros’s political, social, and financial choices should be the only thing that are criticized, but the regrettable truth is he has been attacked for something else. George has been attacked for his Jewish heritage more than once. In fact, back in 1997, Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of orchestrating Malaysia’s financial drop. Mohamad, the prime minister of Malaysia at the time, actually said he believed these actions were driven by Soros’ Jewish background. That was a few years ago, but another person has brought up Soros’ Jewish background as a negative, yet this time it was Glenn Beck.

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Glenn Beck is a well-known Fox News commentator who recently released a full report on Soros. The report went on to conspire that this financial legend has been enacting a “shadow government” system that would be used to undermine American values and the American political system. Most people, who understand the long history of anti-semitic remarks and comments, understood that Beck was alluding to Soros’ Jewish background when he accused him of such shadowy actions. It was not possible, to Beck, that Soros is simply a man who knows the value of the United States due to his experiences with Nazi Germany.

Apparently, George Soros could not be donating money to democratic candidates simply because he shares their values. According to Beck, Soros is using his money to create puppets and advance his agenda to make bigger profits, as well as have more control. It is sad to see that anti-semiticism is alive and well, though it is concealed. The Nation published an article with further details. Thankfully, Soros has always been the bigger man and can rise above criticism and continue to follow his passions without letting these types of remarks get to him.

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