Putting The Spotlight On Autism

Autism is a condition that affects millions around the world. Compassionate people like Sanjay Shah are working to raise awareness and funding for this condition through the Autism Rocks campaign. Autism Rocks is a Go Fund Me campaign started by Sanjay Shah that was spurred from a meeting with American rapper Snoop Dog. Sanjay Shah’s four-year-old son Nikhil was diagnosed with the condition. He now is committed to raising funding for research to be able to detect who might be at risk for being born with Autism. Sanjay Shah has raised over 15 million for Autism research and has hosted concerts featuring Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and Drake. The chance meeting with Snoop Dog gave Sanjay a light bulb moment. Being a music lover, he wondered if he could book music superstars to play concerts around the world. His incredible success with this project is only just beginning.

Forty-four-year-old Sanjay Shah is a British-born hedge fund manager that moved to Dubai after falling in love with the city. Sanjay is married to his wife Usha and has three children Esha, Aman, and Nikhil. When Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011 it hit him hard. He was pained to know that there was nothing that he could do for his son to cure him. When it was suggested by Snoop Dog at their meeting that he set up his own charity he jumped at the opportunity and has had huge success ever since.

Sanjay uses the money raised by Autism Rocks to go to Autism Research Trust, which supports research based at Cambridge University’s Autism Reseach Centre. The Centre aims to use technology to identify and help treat those who are at risk or who are born with this condition. They provide ongoing support to help manage symptoms throughout the individuals life. Sanjay now considers himself semi retired and is focusing on expanding his charity work with autism. He is constantly looking for new ways to raise money, awareness, and contributing his time and money to Austism research.