Makari- The leading skin lightening brand

Makari is a Switzerland based skin care brand that focuses on men and women of color. For years, ethnic people have been forgotten by the beauty industry. When they aren’t forgotten, products for people with dark skin almost always contain Hydroquinone. This is a controversial product that is said to be bad for the skin. Because Makari products contain only natural ingredients that are skin-healthy, this product is not found in any of their creams, masks, lotions, etc.

Some of Makari’s best selling products included the discoloration kit, toning milk, and carrot and argan lotion. They also sell many other things, like exfoliating soaps, makeup, and skin cleansers.

Because has so much to choose from, and such healthy ingredients, it’s no wonder that they are one of the top skin brands in the country.


Here Comes The Premium Dog Food Brands

When workers show up at a manufacturing plant to produce premium dog food, their tasks are not run-of-the-mill. A tremendous amount of extra work is required to make sure the food released to store shelves really does live up to promises of being gourmet meals. Anyone who thinks the gourmet moniker is an advertising gimmick should read a very detailed article in the Daily Herald. The article points out that significant effort goes into picking ingredients. Taste testers are even used to judge the food after it is cooked. Most interesting, the article notes this effort is paying rewards. The sales of premium dog food brands are skyrocketing. Beneful, a Purina brand, is doing extremely well in the market. Beneful promotes a host of wet food, dry food, and treat selections that bear exotic-sounding names. Beneful’s sales are solid because owners are coming around to the idea that feeding a pet the best possible food is just good stewardship. The pet food industry generates nearly $24 billion per year in sales. Pets do have to eat. The gourmet selections, once a small fraction of the overall sales, are growing each and every year. People on Facebook now take note of Beneful selections such as “Romana Style Medley” with its chicken, spinach, carrots, and pasta and are reacting accordingly. Their interest is piqued and they are buying up the brand’s offerings on shelved. Premium dog food definitely is easy to find on shelves these days. A significant number of the major retail chains in the United States are now carrying premium dog food brands. In a way, this is surprising. Retailers are not keen on carrying specialty items since they do not cater to niche markets. Since the popularity of premium dog food is growing to peak levels, buyers are no longer part of a small niche. So, the presence of gourmet brands in retail stores should not be a shock. As more and more consumers become aware of the value of gourmet dog food, look for even more stores to carry. Dogs are going to benefit from all this growth tremendously. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are to become quite exquisite all of a sudden.


Beneful dog foods are products of the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. The products are of diverse types designed to keep the dog healthy. They are safe and recommended by most of the users. The products are packed different packages containers that can be used as dog bowls


The product from Beneful is designed to grow the puppy healthy. It contains abundant nutrients that are essential for a young dog. The ingredients in the variety ensure that the puppy remains active. It also contains DHA to help support the puppy’s brain development. The healthy puppy meal is also designed to increase the puppy’s vision. The variety is available in 3.5, 6.3, and 15.5 lb bags. The food is enriched with chicken accredited with peas and carrots. The product contains ground yellow corn, chicken by product meal and other nutrients crucial for puppy’s growth.


The meal from Beneful is rich in protein and nutrients found in beef and chicken. The nutrients are designed to help the dog remain active and energetic entire day. The product is packaged in 3.5, 6.3, 15.5, and 31.1 lbs bags. The product contains real beef and eggs. It also includes the blueberries and spinach enrichments .the product calories rating is 3443k/cal per 335kcal/cup fed to the dog. The main ingredients’ are grounded yellow corn and real gluten beef.


The product is available in 3.5, 6.3, 6.3, and 15.5 lb packages. It contains ingredients’ on that are designed to increase the dog’s energy to be active the entire day. The product contains a perfect mixture of crunchy and tender Minibites for small dogs. The product contains real beef. It’s also enriched with carrots and peas.


The product from Beneful on purinastore is enriched with real chicken. It’s designed to add energy to the dogs to keep them active for an entire day. The product is available in 3.5, 6.3, 15.5 lb packages. It also contains a mix of tender and crunchy Minibites that are recommended for small dogs. The meal contains the usual ground yellow corn and chicken by product. It also contains real meat by product and soy flour. The product contains 27% crude protein and 12% crude fat. It also contains 4% crude fiber.

Purina Petcare: A Company That Cares

Purina Petcare, formerly Ralston Purina Company until purchased by Nestle in 2001, is a leading company in pet care products. The company owns Friskies, Fancy Feast, Mighty Dog and Alpo, and with their strong history in pet products have managed to create global recognition by creating brands on that instill trust with pet owners.

As of December 2012 Nestle Purina became the number one U.S pet care company in sales, volume and market share growth. The company also provides approximately 7,000 jobs to people throughout the United States. They own 20 manufacturing plants and 12 sales offices and are active in over 70 different countries.

Purina believes that pets and people are better together, and through that philosophy they work hard to create a safe and healthy diet for pets all over the world with a team of over 400 scientists and nutritionists. They believe that the industry standards are just a starting place and work to ensure that their products not only meet those standards but surpass them. They make sure that all suppliers of their pet product ingredients meets their high standards and specifications, product safety and certain manufacturing practices. They also feel strongly about making sure that not only is the food safe and healthy but also is easy to digest and has a taste your pet will crave. For all the research necessary for achieving their high standards they not only employ their own research teams but also have partnered with some of the most respected Universities in the country, such as Cornell, Texas A&M, and the University pf Pennsylvania to name a few, to help further their studies. Purina feels so strongly about pet health they helped fund a study called The Canine Heath Foundation which gives dogs and even children a second chance at sight.

Purina doesn’t just love to help enrich pet health, the company loves pets so much that they have created a movement to bring your pets to work. In fact, the Purina plant in St. Louis set the record for most pets at work with a total of 281 furry friends joining their owners at their jobs! even ranked Purina number 3 on their 2015 best places to work, an employees’ choice award list. They were also recognized for eight consecutive years by the St. Louis Business Journal as the best place to work and for the past three years they were recognized as the best place to work in St. Louis by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

For over 80 years Purina has been guided by their love and respect for pets and their quality of life. They deserve a 4 paw rating! You can always check out more in Purina news at the Purina News Center.