Adam Goldenberg’s Vision for Fabletics

Fabletics isn’t a new name, but it’s really a household name. The subscription-based online retailer is making a new move, and it’s one that could reap big rewards for Kate Hudson. As the spokesperson for Fabletics, she is the face of the future for the fitness conscious. The brand itself is a big deal for the company, the baby of co-Founder Adam Goldenberg.

While the online sensations has been doing quite well, this retailer is far from done. In fact, Fabletics is now planning to open nearly 100 stores across the country in the next three to five years. Just before spring of 2016, the brand was celebrating the opening of store number seven on This is a big deal for those who are in love with the fitness yet fashion conscious.

This is great news for those who want to try on the clothes in person rather than look at them online and make their selection on The thought process behind the brick and mortar stores is that the employees will be able to help steer shoppers toward the brand and the subscription service that their original business model encourages. The bonus of the subscription is discounted outfits.

The company still promotes the first outfit is available for just $25, and some of the subscriptions are designed to give them a customizable shopping experience with fashion tips and more. Customers love the program, and for the busy entrepreneur or stay-at-home-parent, this service is a dream. It’s pretty amazing that one could have their wardrobe delivered, right?

The business doesn’t come without its typical challenges that any business would face, but Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler strive to improve upon customer service and their additional offerings with the program. Today, the company brings in millions in revenue and is growing every day with more offerings and more satisfied customers.

Goldenberg had a passion for entrepreneurship from the age of 15 and was able to sell his first business before he graduated from high school. Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler met in 2006 when they were both working with Intermix Media. Ressler and Goldenberg launched JustFab together in 2010, and have continued to work together since that time.

Morality Beware, Kyle Bass Predicts Turmoil in China

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund in Dallas, Texas, expects the Chinese banking system to strain and struggle with their bad loans. The current facts display challenges for China’s 134 city commercial banks. After a forced cleanup of credit unions, in the 1990’s, city commercial banks, scattered from Harbin to Hainan, were created to handle the small lender responsibilities in China. These banks, in recent years have multiplied their risk by dumping money into opaque investment products. One current result is the 90% downturn of profits in 2015 at one lender, China Resources Bank of Zhuhai and Co.

The challenges on the immediate horizon for the Chinese banking industry can not be disputed, however Kyle Bass’s predictions raise a question about his possible involvement. His morally checkered path consists of questionable financial movements. His current scheme is dealing with pharmaceutical companies. First, he “short-sells” their stock and then challenges one or more of the pharmaceutical company’s patents, through his front organization, The Coalition of Affordable drugs. This causes fear in the markets.

The planned and inevitable results are, stock prices go down, Bass makes millions, the pharmaceutical company’s stock goes back up, and their desire to continue to fund research on their drugs goes down. In the end, the people that suffer the most are the patients that need that particular drug to ease their pain, minimize their need for chemotherapy, or to save their life.

According to the article Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Bass is repeating this process with one pharmaceutical company after another. Each time his bank account grows. Considering his past motives for action in his business dealings, it is important to research deeper into China’s current situation, before believing his predictions.

The city banks in China hold 15% of the nation’s commercial assets. They used financial engineering to disguise lending, by buying investments from other investment firms. If these investments go into default, liquidity problems can arise for the small bank. This can cause failure for that particular banking institution and the results can have a domino effect economically in that community.

Kyle Bass’s prediction on China’s small banking situation may have some accuracy, however, considering his history someone may question, “what is in it for him?”

Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Shines its Light on Autism

Solo Capital Markets was the brain child of its founder Sanjay Shah, a British businessman. Mr. Shah began studying medicine and then decided it was not for him and switched gears and became an accountant. He was employed by several investment and banking type companies including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.
Utilizing his experience in the financial world he was able to guide Solo Capital to becoming one of the premier boutique investment companies. He assembled a very experienced team of investment professionals and they set the course to focus on proprietary trading, consulting and sports investments.

Sanjay Shah always had a philanthropic side to his character and personality, but it blossomed after his youngest son was diagnosed with autism and that became his focus. He researched autism and sought to help find a cure and promote awareness. Mr. Shah found through his research that autism is a disability that affects development and is one of the, if not the fastest development disorder in the world. Autism is characterized by development and communication skills difficulties and tosses a quagmire into the mix when it comes to social relationships. Children with autism typically have a narrow but strong field of interests and often experience repetitive behavior. Autism is something that is carried through the victim’s entire life and can be managed.

He founded a foundation called “Autism Rocks” and works to raise funding opportunities through music, more specifically by sponsoring concerts. The first concert his foundation sponsored was held in 2014 and the invitation only event featured the late musician and entertainer Prince. The concerts following have been successful ventures and feature well known musicians, recording artists and disc jockeys.

Mr. Shah is a trustee of the Autism Research Trust, which provides financial donations to the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. He took on the role of Trustee Director in 2013 and has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to a medical affliction that is largely misunderstood. His efforts have been applauded within the autism community and many families are the recipients of a positive experience through the awareness Sanjay Shah has brought.


Read more about Solo Capital:

The Importance Of Creating A Wikipedia Page for your Business


A recent study has established that Wikipedia is a big bureaucracy. This is because it does not give every person the freedom to create and circulate knowledge in addition to decentralizing power. The new study indicates that Wikipedia has shifted from its initial ideals to a conservative corporate bureaucracy that is governed by a few people. The results may be surprising for the enthusiasts of the site. Wikipedia has shunned from creating a top-down management structure for its editors and contributors. One can rank as a super contributor. The position comes with a number of editorial privileges. However, power over contributors should not fall under it.
Simon DeDeo and Bradi Heaberlin, researchers from Indiana University, examined 15 years of Wikipedia data. The data included over 5 million articles build up by contributors numbering into tens of thousands. The researchers found out that Wikipedia is still governed by the iron law of oligarchy. The data also showed that despite of the community growing quickly to nearly 30,000 people; about 89 percent of the basic standards remain the same, halting the growth of Wikipedia page creation. They influence everything ranging from how Wikipedia editors select and edit content to how they interact. About 100 users created these articles during the early days of Wikipedia, mostly before 2004. The basic standards were established as loose standards that were to be changed with time. This change is yet to be effected. This information was originally published on Science Alert as highlighted in the following link:
When it comes to Wikipedia’s best practices, Get Your Wiki has knowledgeable Wikipedia writers and editors that will create a Wikipedia page. They eliminate the headache of creating and editing an article in line with Wikipedia standards. Whether it is an individual, a business or any other entity, they can expect an excellent service from the veteran Wikipedia editors. Each Wikipedia page will be supported by references that are reliably sourced, formatted correctly and written in conformity with Wikipedia’s manual of style. The purpose of this practice is to let the pages serve as a broad historical repository of any individual or business.
Wikipedia leads in terms of the most visited websites across the world. To this end, having a Wikipedia page can be an important asset. It enhances an individual or business reputation, credibility, increased sales and visibility on search engine results if you make new Wikipedia page. In addition, Google results use data from Wikipedia for its Google Knowledge Graphs. The site ranks highly in the topic’s search results. Get Your Wiki monitors clients Wikipedia pages to ensure that the edits are accurate. Additionally, the professional team of Wikipedia publishers can translate a client’s page to any language. This information was originally reported on Get Your Wiki as posited in this link

CCMP Capital – Getting Focused On Investments

If you are trying finance management on your own and your establishment is no longer a size that is manageable, can you really guarantee the task that will be well done? If everything that the company should have in terms of capital and investment doesn’t come out right, how will you be able to correct the mistakes? Will you need extra money to redo the unsatisfactory task, fill in the hole left by previous errors? Will you be able to have enough fund for the future? Will your company be able to withstand errors of significant magnitude? All these questions can be answered correctly by a capital management firm like CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital is an investment firm founded and presided by Stephen “Steve” Murray. Steve Murray was a private equity investor and well-known among his clients as a problem solver. He focused mainly on growth equity transactions and buyout while he worked at CCMP Capital. His strategies and ideas have laid foundation for many services that are a hit in the company as well. Steve Murray graduated from Boston College where he earned a degree in economics in 1984. He completed his master’s degree in business administration and went on to become the founder of CCMP Capital later.

Today’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a gathering place for many investors from all over the world. These investors are individuals, business owners, corporate owners, institutions and legal organizations. All of the services provided at CCMP Capital are meticulously designed for clients from all walks of life. Their services are equipped with latest trends and technology and configured to let the clients understand what they are getting into and what their future will be. The various options available at this company demonstrates that a firm can be highly organized and functional while retaining an inviting image.

Finance professionals assigned to the clients interview their clients at length in order to understand what they are looking for in a service. Some of the services that CCMP Capital offers include but not limited to capital management, fund raising, estate planning, retirement planning, mergers, acquisitions and underwriting. The firm has been investing in many industries such as consumer, services, retails, media, telecom, energy, financial services sectors as well as healthcare infrastructure. Among consumer and retail industry, its main focus is on direct marketing, packaged goods, specialty retail and general services. Among media and telecom industry, the firm is known for investments, consumer publishing, trade publishing, broadcasting, wireless communication, cable and wireline communication sector. CCMP Capital has offices all over the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The investment that is does typically ranges between $100 million to $500 million and the company is valued to be around $3 billion.

US Money Reserve President Speaks on Eliminating the Penny

There are many forms of currency out there today. These forms of currency are becoming more obsolete due to the massive amount of credit and debit cards that are in use. The modern age is looking down on physical currency, and there are many who are very upset at the penny. There is a big movement in the United States where individuals are trying to get the United States to stop manufacturing pennies. They say that these pennies are costing more to make than they are worth and they costing the government unnecessarily.

There are others who claim that stopping the printing of pennies would greatly disrupt the economy today. They claim that the unbalance from the loss of penny printing would be a ripple effect that would make unnecessary changes in the market. Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president is claiming that these changes would not affect the marketplace and the penny should be done away with. Diehl also states that only 25 percent of transactions are done with cash anymore. This goes to show that there are less and less people who are using these coins to begin with. This adds to the argument stating that pennies are becoming more obsolete every year.

In his CNBC Squawk Box interview Diehl states that there are very few transactions that would even be affected from the elimination of pennies. Rounding pennies up to the nearest 5 cent would not be something that would make a huge difference. The U.S. government would be able to save money each year not having to print pennies. If the U.S. government were to eliminate the printing of pennies each year the savings would total just over 105 million dollars. This is something that has many individuals in power very interested about this notion that keeps gaining more attention.

Majeed Ekbal And His Charity Work

On December 15th 2015 Majeed Ekbal started a fundraising to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. He stated that this is because he was worried about his friend and family still living there, and he was also worried about the other people too. He stated that any money that he raised,will be added to a Crowdrise campaign,that he had already started. His intentions, he added is to raise a total of $1 million, so that it can be use for medical reasons, any casualties, for the in-firmed, feeding the hungry and to help the people find shelter. There is not set amount,any amount you can donate, will be greatly appreciated.

Ekbal is from Chicago, Illinois he is a business leader. His higher educational journey took him to the University of Washington,D.C. He is a very hard worker. Also,he says he approaches his business as though it was a child, guiding it gently, and the results are really amazing. He truly enjoys what he does, this way his clients can get the best outcome. Having a positive attitude and confidence has helped him excel in his business endeavors,these are two reason why he thinks he is so successful.

He has a WordPress site, a Twitter, a management systems with widgets and plug ins, and is the President of his company Expresso Inc. His workers are competent and very capable,so he is never worried when he hands over the reigns to them, this action has helped him to reach where he is today. He makes sure that he also provides good working conditions for them. Even his clients is happy with the way he conducts business.

Majeed Ekbal never gets tired of looking for new ways to make money in his business. His main aim is a contented customer.

Solid Predictions, Solid Financing–Is Kyle Bass Trustworthy?

Kyle Bass has made a huge name for himself in the last seven years through two successful financial predictions, associations with a known socialist, and engineering of the stock market through a legal loophole that got congress on both sides of the political fence jumping like bean-shaped racially insensitive Spanish-speaking pupae. Or Mexican Jumping Beans, for the individual not entirely short-circuited by politically insensitive prose. The point is, Bass has been surprising people and hopping all over the place, and it makes sense to keep an eye on him.

He jumped onto the scene in 2007 when he predicted America’s lending practices vis-a-vis Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to lead to the bursting of an economic bubble in the very near future. Lo-and-behold, exactly that happened in 2008, and suddenly everybody was paying attention to Kyle. He decided to double down on his professional trustworthiness by taking on Japan next, and again successfully predicting an economic implosion that resulted in stimulus packages. With this in mind, it makes sense that many agree with his assessment that China will likewise undergo economic bubble-bursting in the near future. Kyle Bass believes this will happen within the next one to two years, and he believes the reason for this is that the Chinese economy has expanded–ostensibly–some 400% in the last eight years. They’ve done this expansion through loans which were made in excess of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Basically, China’s made some bets that can’t be cashed, and the Asian bookies surrounding her are going to be looking for payment.

Is Kyle’s assessment correct? Well, it’s hard to say. Whether or not he’s trustworthy depends a lot on where the observer is coming from. For example, he’s got ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known Argentinian socialist. But by the by, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass is also an Argentine; so is his relationship to Kirchner benign or implicit? It’s impossible to say from an exterior perspective without hard data.

The other mar/accolade Bass has is his ability to devalue big pharmaceutical stocks and cash in on it legally through a loophole in the American financial system. Bass made a company called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs. The idea was to diminish the cost of medication from big pharmaceuticals. This was successful, and collaterally the stock of big pharmaceutical organizations dropped, and Kyle made a pretty penny. Seems kind of like rigging the game, doesn’t it?

So will Kyle’s predictions about China prove trustworthy? It’s difficult to say. About the only conclusion anybody can really come to is that Bass means business, and he’s got his finger on international financial pulses one way or another.

The Company that is Saving the Environment in Brazil-Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that is based in Brazil and whose major business is making tiles, panels and ceilings that are environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus is the main source of the raw materials used by Eucatex. Initially, Eucatex started as an organization producing soft-boards and whose activities focused on producing environmentally friendly products. The company later started producing tiles and panels. Today, the company manufacture walls, paints, floors, panels, doors and even sell eucalyptus seeds. The main objective of the company is to produce highly competitive products using the most natural resources and promoting social growth.

Although Eucatex started in Brazil, it has offices located overseas with their main headquarter offices being located in Sa Paulo and other two regional offices located in Bento Gonsalves and Beo Horizonte. Other offices are in the European, the Far East and the North America regions.

The president of Eucatex is Mr. Flavio Maluf. Maluf has seen Eucatex rise to success and winning several awards. Since the year 2005, Flavio has been the CEO to the company, the chair to the board of executives and as the vice president of the Board. Flavio graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvarez with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Besides that, Flavio has received specialized training in accounting, rural management and general management. Under his management, Eucatex has gained global recognition as an outstanding institution, something the Maluf family has been striving for, for a long time.

During his study abroad, Mr. Flavio said on Twitter that he brought on board the understanding of the global market and the market trends. He is considered as the ins and outs of Eucatex. He has been the head of the company since 1987 having worked as in both trade operations and manufacturing departments. Under his leadership, Eucatex has won great awards since 2002. In 2013, the company won the ‘Projecto Design.’

The company’s environmental conservation project such as reforestation ensures continued and sustainable supply of timber as well as conserving the environment. Eucalyptus, which is the main type of tree used for timber, is fast growing thus providing an excellent option for timber harvesting. The tree matures within a few years and can be easily replanted.

Today, the company has continued with its commitment to improving the environment and improving the quality of timber by creating better strains of the Eucalyptus tree. It also sell seedlings to other timber companies.

Eucatex has also expanded its services to producing its line of varnishes and paints, metals for door making, mining of minerals and making of jewelry.

All You Need To Know About Investment Banking

Businesses that are well equipped have been able to record success despite the heavy competition that has been witnessed in the market. Running a successful venture entails more than just having all the products designed well. It takes a lot of planning to take a business to the next level. It is necessary for businesses to learn to embrace market changes for their benefit. There are many things, which have been introduced in the business world, which have made business easy on one part, and have also affected other businesses negatively. Businesses that have not been able to embrace technology have suffered losses in the long run while others in same fields have been able to attain stability. Understanding what to do to allow a business to emerge competitive takes expert research. Investment banking is an option that prudent entrepreneurs have chosen to help get more insight about their businesses.

When a business deal with many activities, it sometimes gets difficult to maintain quality. Investment banking firms help to play the middle person role, whereby they oversee some important transactions to ensure there are no flaws as may lead to losses within the business. These are well structured firms that have absorbed the best professionals, who help in the execution of different tasks. They are able to check on the authenticity of transactions and will offer the right guidelines to the business. This in effect minimizes chances of getting into conflicts and hence losses are minimized as well.

Research is also vital for the successful management of a business. This is a role investment banks play perfectly. They are able to navigate through different markets to source for information that can help one to understand about how to manage a business effectively. Their experts offer more emphasis on the state of the market and this helps to predict the future. With such information at hand, it becomes easier to plan effectively for the future to ensure a business does not plunge into losses. With the help of investment banks, it becomes easier to get positive results for each venture. They also assess the performance of a product in the market to ensure it matches with the level of competition presented.

Getting expert advice is necessary when running a business. James Dondero has always advices investors to consider investment banking firms as their solution to different problems that are seen in businesses. He is one of the most influential business person, who has been crowned severally for standing out among different investors. His guidance and advice to upcoming investors has been echoed in form of business success. James Dondero is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, which offers financial services for many individuals. The company has been performing excellently and most of the success that has been seen has emanated from the support James Dondero on linkedin has invested into it. He is a successful business personality with the capability to offer analytic information about different ventures to help businesses prepare for hard times.