Eric Lefkofsky has enabled many startups to excel

Eric Lefkofsky is known nationwide for the many achievements in his career. He has pioneered many startups that have become billion dollar companies. He has also made a breakthrough in starting a medical company known as Tempus. In a recent interview, he gave the details of his life both personal and professional. He has worked hard to enable many startups to succeed. He is a workaholic who currently serves as the CEO of Tempus.

According to the interview, he goes to the office at six in the morning. When he gets to the office, Eric first concentrates on his work. He is involved in his work more than taking breaks and focusing on wellbeing. He considers a break for only a few minutes before he can continue working. When busy, he restrains himself from checking his phone to avoid being disrupted. Although he has a busy schedule, he creates time to be with his family. He has to ensure his children are doing well despite the many commitments as a CEO.

Previously his primary focus was to make money through his startups. He ventured into tech startups, and they did well. However, today his goal is to serve others and transform the medical industry. He wants to enable cancer patients to live better lives by using organized ways to fight cancer. He identified the current problem when it comes to dealing with cancer. The medical experts rely on data select signal that is incomplete. That is why he cofounded Tempus. With the company, the medical experts can now have a complete understanding of the cancer disease.

When he was young, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to become a businessman and accumulate wealth. But his desires are transforming the world today. His new company has a positive impact on cancer patients, and many appreciate his hard work. Although he has amassed a lot of wealth since he ventured into businesses, he is also dedicated to change the lives of others in society. That is why he has been working to ensure cancer patients receive improved treatment. He is also philanthropic because he contributes to charitable organizations to help others in society.

Why Equities Firts Holdiing is the best in UK

For some good period of time before the establishment if the Equities First Holdings In the UK, there were a number of challenges that made not that smooth for the business community. One of the challenges was with reaching out for financial loans and advisory related ways of optimizing the capital for realization of good business growth. In the whole process of acquiring the loans it may turn out that most of the time loans are not easy to get a thing that may shun away some of the lenders. This as a result made it hard for growth of many businesses. Equities First Holding now in UK has become a source of remedy to the firms that are with the aim of growing their operations. They give away stock based loans for owners of businesses to pursue their goals and vision and help such firms become better business enterprises.

Adam Milstein Continues to Succeed in Philanthropy

According to Richtopia, Adam Milstein is a very influential philanthropist. They compiled a list and ranked Adam Milstein as the 187th most influential do-gooder on earth. The list consisted of 200 people. Adam Milstein was selected for his involvement in changing the world using social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Richtopia revealed that he had been selected for his involvement with the Israeli-American Council where is the founder and the chairman. Richtopia also revealed that they had selected him for his involvement with other Jewish organizations such as AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition and StandWithUs.


This list by Richtopia consisted of other well-known people in the field of business and philanthropy. Notable people in the list included Elton John, Sean Combs, Ashton Kutcher and Magic Johnson. Other well-known people in the list were Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Ariana Huffington, Michele Obama, Barack Obama as well as Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton. Entrepreneurs included Erick Trump, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Melinda Gates, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. All these individuals were honored for the involvement in changing the world. All these individuals focused on the vulnerable people in the society especially the poor students who cannot afford education.

Talking about the recognition, Adam Milstein said that he was honored that some part of his philanthropy had been recognized. He also said that being involved in philanthropy gives him a lot of satisfaction. Adam Milstein said that he was grateful for the part that his wife had played in his life particularly her role in the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He says that he is still committed to changing the world particularly the Jewish Community.

Adam Milstein is a well-known real estate businessman from the United States where he heads an institution called Hager Pacific Properties. Soon after graduating from the University of Southern California, Adam Milstein discovered that employers didn’t value his skills. He decided to venture out on his own and started working as a real estate broker. It’s during this time that he met with David Hager and the two established the Hager Pacific Properties.