Enjoy All Kinds Of Art With Lovaganza

Art is a fundamental human urge. People around the world feel the need to make art. They also often feel the need to be with others who feel this urge and want to share their own artistic sensibilities. Being able to show off an understanding of art is a something has motivated people in the past and continues to motivate them today. This is much the driving force behind one of the world’s most respected and attended contemporary art festivals. Lovaganza is all about bringing people together in joyous celebration for a common cause of love, kindness and true caring.

Uniting Many Cultures

The aim of Lovaganza is to help unite cultures of all kinds and bring people together from all over the world. Those who attend this festival will find they do so with others who are here from many other parts of the globe. They will also find that they are able to share a culture and an appreciation of the world with people from countries ranging from North America to Europe to Africa. This celebration of many cultures is one that all people can learn to embrace and fully enjoy. Being with others who share the same aim can be a truly transcendent and life-changing experience on Facebook that allows people to find new means of artistic expressionism.

Many Multi-Media Forms

Above all, those at this festival also aim to help unite many kinds of media forms including the spoken and written words. The emphasis here is about being able to fuse various kinds of media into an organic whole. This kind of experience from Lovaganza is one that allows all those who are attending to have the chance to see the world from a highly rich and quite varied perspective. This is why so many people have found this experience so very useful.

A Many Layered Experience

In this way, those at Lovaganza aim to provide a many layered experience that allows people to receive all kinds of sensory input that can help make their own understanding of the world far richer and far more satisfying at the same time. They know that they can provide an artistic opportunity that is all about being able to unite with others in a common goal in helping make the world a richer and far more artistic place. Those attending the festival can look forward to such an important and highly useful opportunity.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Autism Rock: Raising Awareness to Save Lives.

Autism Rock is an organization whose function is to raise money towards the campaign against autism. It is an invite-only concert organizing firm that is managed by its Founder and CEO Mr. Sanjay Shah. The British-Born millionaire started the charity when his 4-year-old son was diagnosed with the ailment. The CEO has appointed a new board of trustee and Pete, and Will Best will be running the foundation as reported by The Sunday Times. Their work will be to manage the affairs of Autism Rock, organize and fund events and they will also be involved in the decision-making of the company. Pete is Sanjay friend with 21 years’ experience in money markets in London.

The charity is based in London and Dubai where Sanjay resides. It raises money by organizing events where his friends, clients, and well-wishers gather to raise funds to support his cause. Money is then used to support the ongoing research that is based in Cambridge. It aims to understand and locate the children who will develop the defect as well as to come up with a proper remedy that can be used worldwide so as to give patients a chance to lead normal lives. The events according to globalcitizen.com that have been organized by Autism Rock have been receiving a huge audience from all walks of life including musicians like Drake, Prince, Michael Buble and Snoop Dogg. Sanjay also makes donations to families in India through an international humanitarian organization called Plan International.
Sanjay was born of Kenyan Parents who moved to London where he joined the King’s College. In college, he studied accounting and finance after leaving the biomedical class. He has a vast experience in the financial markets, a skill he utilized in 2011 to start his company check. UK, brokerage firm Solo Capital. He was a Dj back in college a skill that he found useful especially when he was starting Autism Rock. Shah of Solo Capital considers himself retired and resides in Dubai where he runs and manages the charity. He also owns other companies located in places such as Luxembourg, Malta Islands, Cayman Islands and in the British Virgin Islands. He has a net worth of more than $250 million and spends most of his retirement time focusing on his charity organization.
His company Solo Capital is known for its prowess in the financial markets. It is a global financial service providing entity which focuses on sports, consulting and capital markets. It has its headquarters in London, and it is permitted to conduct businesses within the United Kingdom and in Dubai among other parts of the world. It was started in 2011 after Sanjay Shah received a bonus lot of £19 million from Solo Capital Investment. He began the firm after his monotonous and tiring occupation as the head of trade and saw the need to start his brokerage firm. Today, it is one of the largest hedge fund managers in the UK and has an extensive clientele.