Avi Weisfogel’s Talk On DSM With Ideamensch

Dr. Avi Weisfogel saw an opportunity not long ago to help patients in an area he felt wasn’t being looked at enough; getting a good night’s rest. He founded Dental Sleep Masters so he could research sleep medicine and figure out which kind of treatments are best for patients with different variations of sleep apnea. He was interviewed by Ideamensch to find out what he believes is key to DSM’s success.

Weisfogel says his routine is very important and it begins by getting up early, spending time in prayer and followed by meetings with a life coach before getting into the day’s tasks. He doesn’t rely on any secretaries to do his scheduling so he has to maximize the time he spends doing it for himself. He says he is especially interested in communication technology trends since it allows him to have meetings with medical professionals around the world. Most important to his success he says is taking notes on things he hears about and keeping them organized so he can get ideas later.

Avi Weisfogel moved into sleep medicine research after years of practicing regular dentistry. His health and medicine interests were coupled by an intrigue of the human mind. He studied both biology and psychology at Rutgers University, and then got his DDS at the NYU College of Dentistry. Weisfogel started his practice at Old Bridge Dental Care in Old Bridge, NJ, a neighborhood in the outer edge of the Newark and New Brunswick area. Old Bridge Dental care specialized in family and cosmetic dentistry.

Weisfogel certainly was respected for all 15 years in dentistry and was twice given the recognition of Best Dentist in the local area. But he told Ideamensch that he wasn’t “passionate” about this job. So he decided to turn his interests in health and psychology into an interest in sleep, and he founded Healthy Heart Sleep as a sleep medicine consulting group in 2010, and in 2014 that group became his new business focus in Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel still loves seeing people smile which is why he also supports a medical non-profit known as Operation Smile.