Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of the legal system of multiple nations. Along with studying the legal system, individuals will also compare the legal system of these nations as well. When studying comparative law, individuals will often learn about the constitution of a given nation and the laws that it states. They will also learn about the criminal justice system as well as other things such as tax law, business law and property law. As a result, individuals will be in position to get a considerable amount of knowledge about how other nations function through their legal system. The study of comparative law is very beneficial to a number of people such as businesses, government entities and legal professionals. It is also helpful to students as well as legal scholars. Go to for more details.


There are a number of experts of comparative law and one of them is Sujit Choudhry. Over the course of many years, Sujit Choudhry has studied comparative law very closely and has therefore accumulated lots of knowledge about the subject. With his knowledge, he has been able to help provide valuable information to a number of people such as students, educational colleagues and foreign leaders. The first opportunity, Sujit got to apply his legal knowledge was when he served the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. During this experience, he was able to get an in depth look at just how the nation’s legal system was organized. As a result, he used this knowledge in order to advance his career as a legal educator. When getting involved in providing legal education, Choudhry served as a professor at the law school of the University of Toronto. He would eventually reach the level of assistant dean. Special info here.


Sujit Choudhry continued his legal career in the United States. When moving to America, he would continue his path of being an educator in law. He would get an opportunity to serve as a professor at the University of California Berkeley. During his stint as professor, Sujit would teach constitutional law as well as further researching the topic. After a couple of years working at the law school, Choudhry would get appointed as the school’s dean. This enabled him to become the first Indian American dean in the school’s history. Along with begin a legal educator, Sujit has used his knowledge of comparative law to help foreign leaders of other nations. His knowledge and expertise led to him helping these foreign leaders drafting a new constitution for their respective nations.


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