Whitney Wolfe Has Revolutionized The Online Dating Scene With Her Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble as well as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. While Bumble is a dating app, Bumble BFF looks to help women find friends instead, and Bumble Bizz functions more as an app that connects business professionals. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she studied at Southern Methodist University where she focused in on International Studies. While there, she started her first business, which saw her selling bamboo tote bags.

Whitney Wolfe is now 28 years old, and her company is allowing women to make the first move when it comes to dating. She was part of the original team at Tinder but moved on from the company due to sexual harassment allegations and discrimination claims made by her. Instead of giving up, she drew on her experience as an entrepreneur and started up Bumble. As the idea progressed, she ran into the CEO and founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and he inspired her to move away from her idea to build a female-only social network. Instead, she would create the world’s first female-first dating platform.

Whitney Wolfe moved forward with funding from Andreev, and started up Bumble, which was located in Austin, Texas. The headquarters of the company is set up more like a living room than a startup location, and this is how they like it there. Wolfe has explained that she wants her workers to feel like they can work together more comfortably instead of feeling like they are locked away in a stuffy office-like environment. She also decided to outsource the engineering and tech work to Badoo in London, which has allowed the company to grow more rapidly than it would have otherwise.

Whitney Wolfe agrees that she built Bumble on the premise that women can make the first move in the dating world. She also decided to work hard to make Bumble a safe place where people feel relaxed. While it was controversial, at the time, she moved to ban images with guns in them on Bumble. If a professional used guns in their job, then this was ok but posing with guns just for the sake of it became banned. Today, people are amazed that Whitney Wolfe has been able to break into an industry that was male-dominated and create something that has gained massive popularity. The people who really know her aren’t surprised at all, because she has always been one to push the boundaries in order to find success.

Contact Whitney Wolfe: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

Fabletics Makes Sure Customers Are Taken Care Of

When Kate Hudson’s Fabletics first started, they knew their main goal would be to take care of their customers. They believed in these customers and they knew they were going to do everything they could to make their customers happy. Because of how Fabletics was doing business, they had a lot of faith in the customers and in the way they were helping them. All of the things they were doing went back to what they could do to make things easier on themselves. They knew a lot about the fashion industry and that’s what helped them make sure they were doing the best job possible for themselves.


For years, Fabletics continued to help their customers. They showed them what they wanted them to do and they made sure they were giving them all the options they needed to continue succeeding. It was part of how much they were dedicated to the company and part of what they could do to show people there would be different opportunities no matter what. For Fabletics, this was a big part of the business and an even bigger part of what they could do to help their customers get more from the situations they were in.


Looking at all the different things that would help them succeed was the best way for Fabletics to do business. They used Kate Hudson to help them because she was so supportive of the business. She saw there were different things that would make it better. Because she was a celebrity who was relatable, she was the perfect ambassador for the brand. They all worked together and that’s what made her the best of the best. She had done a lot of business with Fabletics and that’s how she was able to continue making things easier for herself and for Fabletics.


The company requires their customers to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This is a quiz that is easy according to the Huffington Post. All people have to do is look at the different options and choose the ones that appeal to them the most. They will then be able to try things that other companies have allowed them to do. There are many different reasons someone would choose different types of fashion and most of those reasons go back to their individual style and the taste they have in clothes. The quiz tells the stylists more about each customer’s style.

Fabletics Is A Game Changer

Fabletics is an innovative breath of fresh air in a highly competitive industry. Retail is dominated by several powerful corporations who set the tone for how business is done and how consumers receive the product. Online shopping created an entirely new avenue for consumers to browse and gain access to various types of merchandise. Fabletics was yet another take on the relationship between suppliers and those who express demand.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two young businessmen who looked to bring their new ideas to the fashion industry. Both of these men had success with online marketing and relished the opportunity of applying their knowledge to a new arena. JustFab was there original creation and supplied women’s apparel online. The company offers a monthly membership for customers to access the available goods at a discounted price. The business model was highly successful. Fabletics would soon follow as a spinoff to the base concept.

Fabletics promotes a line of athletic wear for women. Ressler and Goldenberg enlisted the help of movie star actress Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is the face and co-founder of the new company which has grown to international levels. Fabletics offers merchandise worldwide and is currently in the process of opening retail stores in key locations.

Fabletics is making an impact on how other major retailers do online business. Its retail store locations will allow customers to have a physical shopping experience along with maintaining their membership status with the company.

Goldenberg and his team believes that the membership personalizes the shopping experience for the consumer. This is much different from other online retailers such as Amazon.com. There are some online outlets that charge a yearly membership fee in order for it’s customers to access discounted items. Executives at Fabletics have found that these websites do not have a high rate of return business despite a large volume of browsers. Fabletics is looking to create brand loyalty with its clients. Having repeat customers is what sets this business model apart from the traditional retailers within the industry.

Fabletics grew into a 250 million dollar organization in the first three years. Its unique business model was able to turn an industry negative known as show rooming into a positive. Showrooming is when people browse for items and then choose to buy them somewhere else. Having customers who walk into the Fabletics retail stores as members increases the chances that they will get involved in a buying experience as opposed to looking and not spending.