OSI Group Completes Plant Expansion In Toledo Spain

Global food processing company OSI Group recently expanded production in Spain. The poultry processing capacity of the Spain production plant nearly doubled. Investments were also made to the overall facility and storage areas. OSI Group has always dedicated itself in providing quality-based foods and a great customer experience. The OSI Group Spain expansion was in response to the growing demand for chicken products. Over the last decade, there has been a 6 percent surge in sales, with numbers anticipated to grow even higher. The Toledo, Spain operation cost $17 million to finish. Once construction was completed the chicken capacity rose from 24,000 tons to 45,000 tons of annual processed meats.

The additional square footage means space for new:

  • Social area for employees
  • Storage room area
  • Service area
  • Refrigerated room area
  • Production hall area

A new test kitchen was also installed to aid in product development and meet the growing client base demands. As customer tastes and dietary needs continue to change, OSI is determined to stay on top of research to ensure maximum quality. In addition to expanding operation capacity, the local economy has also enjoyed a boon, with the addition of 20 new jobs. The number of employees at the Toledo plant now stands at 160.

Sustainability is also an area in which OSI Group aims to improve. The addition of cameras, fire suppression and surveillance systems ensures that both product and employees are secure. Efficiency and sustainability means the company will maintain the highest of standards at all times. New equipment has also helped decrease energy consumption by 20 percent. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, IL. It was founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. As the company thrived over the decades, it became the number one supplier of meat products in the world.

Dr. David Samadi Is A Smart And Well Rounded Man

Dr. David Samadi is someone who is careful in the time that he spends online, knowing that there is information online that is not true. He has shared when interviewed, that he uses Google but otherwise does not spend a lot of time online. In addition to using Google and relying on the help that he gets from it, he has various apps that he enjoys using, including those that help him discover good wine and find new vacation destinations. This man knows that there are some things that he can gain from spending time online, but he also knows that there are mistruths that can be found online and he would like to stay away from them.

When Dr. David Samadi was given the chance to share a favorite quote during an interview that was done with him, the quote that he shared was not about medicine or being a doctor. The quote that was shared by this successful doctor was one that was focused on family and the way that family means everything. Dr. David Samadi is someone who has a heart for more than just his job and all that he is accomplishing through it. When he was asked about $100 that he spent recently and what he did with it, he shared that purchased a necklace for his daughter. He felt the money was well spent because he got to see his daughter’s reaction and know that she was happy with the gift.

There are times when a person will fail at something or not respond to the situation that they are in, correctly. There are times when a person will be frustrated with own actions as they look back at the way that they responded to a situation. Dr. David Samadi has shared that he wishes that he had been more patient in the past. He knows now that he could have come through things in a better way if he had only been more patient. The things that he wanted to have completed were completed, but just not as quickly as he would have liked for them to be completed. He wishes that he would have just waited and allowed everything to happen as it was meant to happen.

Dr. David Samadi Social Media: twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Eric Lefkofsky Beings Another Tech Entity

Most 47-year-old men who have a net worth of $1.7 billion could be forgiven for feeling they don’t need to start anymore tech companies. Most people would assume it’s fine to just kick back for awhile and enjoy an extended vacation after forming several highly successful online companies, including Groupon, Innerworkings (a marketing firm) and Echo (a logistics-based company). Yet entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is indeed worth $1.7 billion, had a change of heart when his wife became ill with cancer. The experience game changer, and it motivated him to form yet another startup company, despite the stress and difficulty of launching another firm.

A Wakeup Call

When Eric Lefkofsky wife became ill, they found themselves in the midst of the medical world, attending meeting after meeting with doctors who were searching for the right approach to treating illness. What surprised Lefkofsky was how limited access was to an up-to-date cancer data base. It struck him that other industries, like even the trucking industry, had better professional data on hand to help people do their jobs well. All of this drove him to launch a company that could get the needed information on cancer patients and treatments onto a database that doctors could use for devising new forms of care for current treatments to learn more: http://lefkofskyfoundation.com/ click here.

Tempus is Formed

The company Eric Lefkofsky formed is called Tempus. It is now creating a library of molecular data that doctors can access easily when working on treatment plans. The company now has 150 employees, and it is self funded by lefkovsky, as he wants to keep the company independent and running smoothly without the need for outside resources.

Yes, starting a new company is a highly challenging endeavor, but Tempus has an important mission behind it, and it’s one that Lefkovsky just couldn’t ignore.

The Lung Institute Talks About Stem Cell Therapy

When it comes to stem cell therapy, the leaders at The Lung Institute are the individuals who hold a lot of information about the topic. In truth, just recently, one of the physicians in the said firm named Jack Coleman, Jr. M.D. was invited to speak in Padua, Italy where the officials held the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research.

According to the doctor, the stem cell treatments that prevail in the United States at present defy the conventional medical practices that were in motion for centuries, as they allow the medicine to become introduced in the person’s body in a faster and therefore more effective manner.

The Point of Discussion

During his demonstration in front of many research professionals and enthusiasts, he extensively discussed the current situation of the stem cell therapy on behalf of The Lung Institute, as well as how the actual process takes place. Knowing that many may be curious about the way that this technology got utilized as a clinical treatment when it was initially a laboratory experiment, Dr. Coleman was generous enough to provide lengthy explanations regarding its cost, effective, regulations, and much more. He also gave emphasis to the fact that the old techniques for treating patients, especially the ones with lung diseases, could overturn the chances of those persons to feel better.

The physician did not stop his clarifications there and went on to discuss the stand of the US about medical research. In line with the statement in the press release, Dr. Coleman disclosed that whereas the government remained to possess the main control over the latest innovations and experimentation that occur inside the special facilities within the country, the funding could come from private biotechnological corporations too.

In a different note, he mentioned as well that their ultimate goal behind presenting the lung stem cell treatment is to offer the patients the opportunity to live a longer life minus the insufferable pain that traditional cures may bring. For more information on stem cell treatment, visit lunginstitute.com.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a top-class therapeutic provider within the United States that specializes in various lung diseases. The company has clinics in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Tennessee. Visit our website(https://lunginstitute.com/) and Facebook page for more details.


Nobilis Health: a Wonderful Healthcare Management Company

Nobilis Health Corporation owns and operates ten medical practices in Arizona and Texas, a surgical center in Houston, six day surgical centers, two MRI centers, and an urgent care center. Their ambulatory care centers are located in Houston (three), Dallas (two), and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. They also have marketing relationships with over a hundred additional surgical centers throughout the United States. With the goals of providing excellent medical care, increased patient satisfaction, and lower costs for medical care, they offer a lot of services to their clients and customers.

Nobilis Health, along with the partnerships they have with doctors, has built and now currently owns and operates well-known outpatient surgery centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas. They offer a large-scale network of professional surgeons that are board-certified and fellowship trained, which makes them some of the most state-of-the-art and highly skilled surgeons in America. Some of their many medical interest specialties include: spinal operations, controlling pain, orthopedic operations, treatment of the feet, general surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, and treatment of the ear, nose, and throat. They also provide excellent medical facility management.

Nobilis Health has one easy business objective: providing a lot of opportunities for the doctors that they partner with. With surgeons as their partners, they handle all of the management responsibilities for the centers they work with. They also are focused on increasing organic growth as much as possible in their centers, which, in turn, increases their profit margin with extra marketing and operating practices that have been made better. Their business structure makes it possible for their surgeons to focus their attention right where it needs to be-giving their patients the best care possible, while they build value in their ambulatory surgical centers, which benefits their doctors and their shareholders. Nobilis also has many marketing services for their clients.

Nobilis Health incorporate many methods of marketing for their clients. They combine traditional marketing networks (television, radio, print, and point of care) and modern marketing practices (internet searches, the web, social media, and mobile) and finding the proper mix of marketing to properly obtain critical patient education objectives like: the progression of diseases and making people aware of their illnesses, identifying symptoms, availability of treatment options, determining if a treatment is right for a patient, and promoting proper communication between doctors and patients. They are behind their patients from making them aware of their conditions to proper medical care. Their type of marketing is what sets Nobilis apart from other surgical centers and treatment facilities. They are also superior in their management and operations services.

Nobilis has a well-known track record of performance and providing important value provisions for doctors, payers, and patients. A main part of their strong performance can be attributed to a very well planned out growth plan, which is driven by organic growth and growth by selective acquisitions. No matter how growth is obtained, their focus is from a management and operations point of view, is on identifying, attracting, and keeping excellent healthcare professionals, making operational efficiencies better, putting effective marketing strategies into action, and using their skills to negotiate insurance contracts with third party payers. Their management services include: financing, licensing and accreditation, managing and operating, bench marking, strategic planning, and legal. With their excellent services that they provide for their clients and patients, they truly show that they care for them which makes them a wonderful healthcare management company.