Securus Commits to Upholding Best Practice in The Industry As GTL Falls Victim

Unearthing skeletons that were assumingly buried 18 years ago might appear unnecessary. Securus Technologies however sees it differently: “If it can help bring to a stop a sin that is continually eating into the whole Industry, then it is worth it.” The company has gone ahead to release the first in its series of revelations on how Global Tel Link has bitten the very hand that serves its food. Story published by PR Newswire.

In 1998, The Louisiana Public Service Commission issued an order in an investigation into the misconduct of GTL. The company was implicated in a number of wrongdoings and it seemed they had learnt of their wrongdoings and would therefore naturally work on their integrity. GTL has however continued with breaking the law as the script has continued to replay over and over again.

The major challenge, according to Securus Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, is that the public perceives a misconduct by a single player in the industry as the way business is conducted in the entire industry. GTL therefore tarnishes the image of all the law enforcement and correction industry players.

Among the accusations in its charge sheet include: deliberately programming the call duration timing clocks by adding 15 to 36 seconds to calls; fraudulently double billing calls; and charging rates over those permitted. A whole 18 years after PSC found GTL guilty of the offenses, they continue the same way. Smith terms this a cancer in their industry that must be dealt with in the manner it calls for.

Securus Technologies boasts a clean track record of maintaining integrity in their operations The Texas-based company currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and 3450 public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies across North America. The A+ accredited company focuses on connecting what matters in its vision to make the world a better place to live.