A Great Way to Save Millions

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland is a new name to the business and social media world, but one that will not soon be forgotten. Even though he is only in his early twenties, this revolutionary entrepreneur may have just transformed how business within the United States and abroad will be ran for years to come.

While his business model does not seem significant to how corporations operate, it is potentially an ingenious way for corporations to save moneyy.

Magnises is McFarland’s contribution to the world, a social media club of sorts that offers sizable discounts on a umber of recreational fronts such as bars, restaurants, concerts and amusement parks. While this ultimately seems worthless to companies its potential should not be ignored as it could help to solve the issue of financial placement.

Sales people and businessmen alike much often times call together valuable business meetings which include recreational presences. These meetings and conferences could add up to cost thousands of dollars depending on location and implements, meaning that a program such as Magnises is exactly what they need in order to save a lot of capital.

While a single meeting might have normally costs hundreds of dollars through Magnises it could potentially be divided into multiple meetings instead, saving the company millions annually.

Magnises operates simply enough, through the use of a metal discount card that is attached to a bank account and can be used as form of legal tender for transactions. When used as payment the discount is taken out first before an end payment is made, allowing members to save a large sum of money in the process.

Not only is this an amazing idea for normal members but it could potentially be a Godsend for business owners and operators who are looking for new and improved ways of saving their corporations some capital that can be distributed into other avenues.