How Does Free WhatsApp Save Money For Everyone On FreedomPop?

Free WhatsApp usage is going to help a lot of people make the most of their time talking on FreedomPop because they are going to be able to use WhatsApp instead of their normal plan. FreedomPop has normal plans that are not very expensive for anyone, and they are making cell phones easy for everyone to access and use. There is a lot that can be done with the WhatsApp app, and it can be used in any forum for people to get more talk time.

Talk time can be scarce for some people, and they are paying nothing or very little for their FreedomPop plans. VentureBeat says that the plan at FreedomPop is to make WhatsApp completely free. That means that anyone who is using WhatsApp is not going to lose data for it. They can keep using WhatsApp as much as they want, and they can use it to talk to as many people as they want. This is a lot easier than what people are normally used to, and it is important that they are given a chance to talk freely instead of only watching their data.

The best part of this is that people who are using WhatsApp are going to be able to stay away from normal data and phone usage as long as they want. They can save their data for other things, and they will not have to worry about it anymore. Someone who is trying to make the most out of any of these situations can use the WhatsApp that was already downloaded on their phone, and then they will be able to talk to anyone they want. Basically, WhatsApp is going to congregate all the talking and texting someone does into a single place where they can get to it easily.

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FreedomPop’s $50 Million Global Hotspot Plan Moves Forward

FreedomPop is growing on a global scale, literally. The Los Angeles-based company has made fantastic inroads in the United Kingdom. With another $50 million in investment capital raised, the company is going to expand the total of countries connected in the FreedomPop fold. A global hotspot is planned, and the hotspot is to include 25 countries in total. In time, that number is going to go up.

The idea behind the global hotspot is to save world travelers from the brutal cost of roaming charges. Major providers allow their subscribers to connect no matter where they are – at a massive fee. FreedomPop wants to offer a fantastic alternative.

Through connecting to a global Wi-Fi hotspot, those roaming charges competitors charge may drive scores of people to FreedomPop. FreedomPop established itself as a budget phone service designed to cut costs massively. A set number of phone minutes, text messages, and internet data are available for free with a basic plan. One million subscribers in the United States and 250,000 in the United Kingdom reveal FreedomPop’s success is growing. This is achieved with mainly word-of-mouth advertising.

A $49+ one-time fee covers the cost of accessing the hotspot. $10 covers the cost of the SIM card, a card that comes with free upgrades when new countries are added. The phone does have to be purchased, and one can be bought from the excellent inventory FreedomPop makes available. Excellent phones are sold by the company at reduced prices. has the whole story about the hotspot, and it is worth checking out.

A New Deal from FreedomPop

In recent years, there has been a drastic evolution of mobile phone landscape since both traditional and prepaid operators have started new strategies of adjusting their prices according to the forces of demand and supply in the market. Indeed, prices have reduced across the board, but purchasing a phone and also paying its monthly expenses can still be considered a very costly affair. However, Freedom Pop has an alternative since it’s the only provider offering up to 100 percent free mobile services like voice, text and data and to some extent free international calls to more than 50 nations.

According to a recap reported Android Authority, FreedomPop’s strategy is to offer 500 texts, 200 voice minutes and also 500MB data every month when you only buy a phone. For clients who want to enjoy more, can choose a premium option by paying slight more than $10 and be awarded unlimited text and talk as well as 500 MB of data. FreedomPop has another ‘Premium Plus’ service as an option package. In fact, FreedomPop is offering a lot for very little amount or even nothing at all.

At the moment, FreedomPop has a new product where clients can purchase Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) for just $49.99. After you purchase this phone, you will be offered free trial of unlimited talk, text as well as 1 GB data. FreedomPop is offering that service at $49.99 but the real value for the same service is about $250. The phone you get has been certified FreedomPop to ensure it meets all the standards required for its effective operation. Also, the phone has a 30-day refund of money guarantee and also no contracts are signed hence the service can be cancelled any time you wish.

The Moto E has features like 1 GB RAM and 8GB storage capacity. This latest offer is designed to cater for those interested in low cost services. This is a reasonable solid Android experience that you should not be left behind. FreedomPop is the only mobile operator that is offering attractive packages to its clients aimed at reducing the cost of owning a phone.