The Interesting Observations on Urbana’s Blog

One of the great things about blogging today is that connections can be made with all types of interesting people. One of these is Jon Urbana, who has been contributing great advice and a ton of photos that include vivid imagery, good advice and interesting videos. Urbana offers articles on Tumblr that include foods to eat, music to listen to and social media advice. Here are a few of my favorite Jon Urbana articles posted on his blog.

This article provides a link to an interview of Peter Mehlman, former writer on Seinfeld, on the show Talking Tech. Mehlman is complaining about a meager following on twitter and the rest of the round table discussion offers advice to raise his following.
An article linked to from Urbana’s Facebook account provides a very interesting take on building a social media following for anyone. Some of their best advice involves using Soundcloud, a new social media platform that allows people to save, share and replay original sound clips they create. Here’s one of his most recent releases.

Green Cocktail with Rum and Mint 

I enjoyed this entry because the original image of this cocktail is so inviting it makes you thirsty just looking at it. Its inviting green color makes the cocktail pleasing to the eye and you just know the rum will be combined with a delightful mint taste that will bring a satisfaction to any thirst. All Jon Urbana videos combine reality with art, and so do his pictures. This is a potent tweet about the state of student podcasts .

Marrakech: Olives For Sale

This is a visual delight as you see the wide variety of presentation and style of the olives for sale in Marrakech. The jars of olives are stacked neatly and precisely which creates interesting textures and visual contrasts. These olives are presented in used mason jars that contribute to the unique flavor of the image. One of my all-time Urbana favorite images for sure. It makes me want to travel to Marrakech today and see what other wonders I could find.

Manchego Cheese With Grapes, Mint and Rosemary  

Once again Urbana catches an audience on Yahoo Answers by surprise with his video, which they happen to love.

His blog post visually details a simple snack and turns it into a feast for the eyes. This image of cheese, grapes, mint and rosemary is a great example of the visual work found on this site. This may be a typical Spanish treat but the presentation in this picture allows the viewer to want to enjoy the snack yourself. The contrast of the cheese and grapes jumps out at you and command your attention. I have never been a real fan of Manchego Cheese until today, this picture has won me over.

Today’s Barbecue so Nice

This is one of the more descriptive pictures that I have found on Urbana’s blog. It draws you in because it has a plethora of food being cooked on the large grill. It combines the image of the food, with the smoke and the contrast of several different colored peppers cooking as well that you can almost smell it cooking right on the page. That is what great pictures do, they allow you to experience things fully and completely. This delicious image will draw you in and make you want to stay.

Candy Shop in Savannah

This picture grabbed my attention because like most people I enjoy delicious homemade candy, and we ate a bunch of it together during my Villanova lacrosse practices with Urbana. The candy maker is captured in a pose which shows he is passionate about what he is doing and the machines, signs and atmosphere of this candy shop make me want to travel to Savannah and eat much of their candy.  Very intriguing photo, which is typical for Jon and what makes this blog so interesting to follow.

There is literally something for everyone on the resume of Jon Urbana. You will want to fly around the world with him and try new things.