Fallacies associated with lip balms

Lip balms are often thought of as a very simple product; an applicant that provides moisture to lips to prevent them from being chapped due to dryness. However most of what you know or assume about lip balms is wrong. This article will provide some insight into how they work and how best to select one for your lips.

Why Lip Balm is Needed

Your lips are a relatively thin layer of skin that doesn’t have any sweat glands behind them to produce moisture. As such they are more prone to drying out than other parts of the skin and require some added care that is typically provided by a lip balm.

Adding Moisture

One of the biggest fallacies for a lip balm is that it adds moisture to the lips. While there is a by of moisture added the main function of a good lip balm is locking moisture that your lips provide for itself into the lipstick not allowing it to be sucked out by the elements. The better the quality of the lip balm the better it does at this. As an example, the Evolution of smooth brand or EOS lip balm use shea butter and other strong oils that add a thick and smooth feeling over the lips and helps to lock in moisture for a long time. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are available online, visit Amazon, Racked or the Luckyvitamin website for full products varieties and pricing.

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Careful on the ingredients

Many of the additives that lip balm manufacturers add to lip balms or artificial flavorings and flavors like camphor and peppermint which can actually cause your lips to dry out. Use lip balms that instead promise all natural ingredients like the Evolution of smooth lip balm. This makes a real difference when protecting your lips from chapping and drying out.

With a little bit of knowledge you will find out why a good lip balm can make all the difference in your life.