Anthony Petrello; Shining With Kindness

Anthony Petrello is one of the few people in the oil business who have worn their crowns with kindness. For so long people have viewed the oil business as a series of cartels where leaders cater for their own needs regardless of the immediate effects of their actions. Many of them use cruelty to attain profits but this is not the case with Petrello, Tony Petrello has shown compassion, philanthropy and consideration during his leadership as CEO.

Anthony Petrello studied law at Harvard and later acquired a Masters in mathematics. After his studies he worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York. He surprised many after moving and seeking a job in an area where he did not have much nurturing. In 1991, he started off as an chief operations officer at Nabors industries, a firm that is known widely for its involvement in offshore and on-shore oil drilling by building equipment’s and other services. In 2003, he was promoted to the deputy chairman of the company and several years later Petrello became the CEO of the company.

At this position, Anthony Petrello has managed to raise the share value of the company by 180%. He has created a good reputation for the business due to his consideration in doing business with other people. Most importantly he has been able to attain amicable relations with the shareholders of the company who are paramount in attaining the success of the business. Even with all this success, Anthony will be remembered mostly for his charitable work and his contribution towards the welfare of the society.

After seeing the challenges that his daughter faces after her neurological disorder, Anthony does not will to see another parent share in the same story. This has given him unrelenting drive to seek understanding on the causes of neurological damage in children. Anthony Petrello supports the Texas Children’s Hospital and has contributed millions to aid their activities. He has also challenged other people to do the same through lunches and meetings. He has shown a different side of the oil-business men; the caring, considerate and the humane side to them that people never thought existed.