Dr. Jennifer Walden Reduced My Breast Size

I’ve always been surprised that many women wanted to get bigger breasts, especially since my problem was that my breasts were too big. I’ve always had big breasts since I was a young girl, and I never liked it. I got too much attention from the boys, and the girls were envious of me, but I never enjoyed having oversized breasts. My back hurts all the time, I found it hard to bend over, and finding a bra that fits was always a pain. I’m in my early 20s, and I’ve finally decided that I need to get a breast reduction.

Unbelievably, my friends tried to talk me out of getting the surgery, but I couldn’t take the constant back pain anymore, and I was tired of popping pain pills. Even my doctor recommended that I have a breast reduction, so I chose to look for a surgeon. My doctor recommended the surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, and I wanted to do some research on her before I made the final decision. Dr. Walden has done some amazing work, and I was able to go through a lot of the pictures that are on her website to see what kind of work she could do for me.

Not only is Dr. Walden board-certified, but she has extra training and education in many different fields of plastic surgery, and she’s been a surgeon for many years. Dr. Walden is a renowned surgeon, and I believed that she would be the best person to help me reduce my breast size. I had my first consultation on a Friday, and I went in for surgery a couple weeks later. I was terrified that my breasts may have large scars, loose skin, and that they may not look natural, but Dr. Walden is fantastic. Not only do my breasts look great after the surgery, but my back no longer hurts because my breasts are smaller.

My breasts had very little scarring, and after a while I couldn’t see any of the incisions, and I couldn’t believe how great my breasts were looking. Many of my friends told me that if they didn’t know I went in for surgery, then they wouldn’t believe me because I still looked very good. I didn’t take my breasts down tremendously in size, but they are smaller to the point where I no longer have back pain. Dr. Jennifer Walden, in Austin, TX, has truly helped me because my back pain is gone, and I still have beautiful breasts.