Sergio Cortes Helps After Xerém Floods

It is a known fact on wikipedia that flooding can be detrimental to a town and the people of the town. The flooding can cause people to drown, can destroy homes and can even cause major problems in the electrical and sewage systems. What many people who have never been through a flood fail to realize is that the after effects of the flood can be just as detrimental as the actual flooding. The floodwaters create an area that is unsanitized and filled with contamination. It is especially dangerous if the flooding has affected the sewage system because regular water can quickly become sewage water.

Sergio Cortes has been working since the flooding began to tell the people of Xerém about the dangers that come after flooding. He wants to make sure that everyone who lives in the town knows that they will have to take extra measures to protect themselves. While flooding may seem like a ridiculous excuse for someone to become hydrated, he has even begun setting up hydration centers for people who need to get clean water into their bodies. He has talked about all of the ways in which disease can spread through the flood waters.

Hypochlorite is one tool that Sergio Cortes has in his arsenal to help people who are suffering as a result of the flood. According to this article from Extra, he is passing out bottles of hypochlorite for people to treat their water with. The chemical works to infiltrate the water and to take out any disease or contamination that may be present in it. Sergio Cortes has advised residents to use the chemical in their drinking water, their bathing water and any water that could come into contact with their bodies. He has recommended that bottles of hypochlorite be poured into the water tanks.

The hypochlorite is able to prevent a plethora of diseases. These diseases can range from mildly detrimental to fatal. Medical professionals are overworked during times of flooding and may not be able to give the proper attention to people who are sick because they are struggling to handle the people who were injured during the flooding. It is important that residents of Xerém work to keep themselves healthy after the flood. Getting a “little bit” sick after drinking flood water can quickly turn into dysentery and other, more fatal issues for people. Always drink bottled and sanitize the rest.