PR Firm Proves Their Abilities On Their Own Company

Status Labs is one of the leading online reputation management companies, but what happens when they get drug through a PR crisis? They show what they are made of and repair it.

After establishing themselves in the business world and successfully helping more than 1,000 clients, Status Labs suddenly found themselves in the middle of a reputation disaster due to one of their now former executives. The company handled it just as they would for any other client, they began the slow and steady process of making a change in their leadership and rebuilding their corporation.

The employees unanimously called for the resignation of the executive in question, and the public relations team took that information straight to the media along with a letter from the company and a team photo from Status Labs. They put real faces, real people, to the name of the company that people currently hated and helped the public understand their anger was misdirected. Status Labs realized they were very disconnected from their local community, making it easy for people to not personalize them as real people, so they got involved in their local Austin community and helped make a difference.

The company also realized how hard it all was on their employees, they weathered numerous negative articles and comments as the fallout continued for the company, and Status Labs knew it was time to show them more appreciation to make them feel part of the team and reconnect all the employees in the company.

The final step is being much more cautious with who they add to the team. They consider employees as company ambassadors, and adding new people has to be done in a careful balance,and with lots of background information.

Overall, the company came out of the crisis as a stronger company that was more of a solid team. They learned how to handle PR and can show they can rebrand a company from the inside out.

Status Labs is run by president and co-founder Darius Fisher. He has worked along with his team to build Status Labs into a major reputation management firm that has worked closely with professionals, politicians, and Fortune 500 brands.

Fisher has built Status Labs from the ground up, and rebuilt it with the help of his strong team members after the major PR scandal that surrounded the company. He is also an investor in CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons, Waiakea, Sozo, and numerous other real estate projects. He was awarded the Innovative 50 from PRWeek in 2015 and just this year was awarded the Biz Dev Professional of Year in PR World. Along with his numerous business accomplishments, he is also a regular contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post.

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