I Got Googled! Help!

Status Labs is a company that handles online crisis and clean ups. President Darius Fisher had some helpful tips on how to save your digital public image. The steps are quick and effective. When googling yourself, always start from a computer that is logged out. Clear the history in order to get what others will see if they searched for information on you. Identify any unwanted results and remove them if possible. You can always change the privacy settings to disallow some items from becoming public. You can always add positive information and content about yourself. This keeps some of the unwanted materials ranked lower and it will be seen less. Be aware of data brokers. They will use any information they can find on you. Take a proactive approach and contact the website administrators when you wish to have negative or unwanted materials removed. It never hurts to ask. If this fails, retain an attorney to help remove damaging material.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Status Labs is an online digital management and public relations company that deals with the restoration of online reputation repair. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this company is only four years old. It is growing and expanding rapidly. With new offices in San Paulo and New York, it is evident that this type of company is in high demand. They have over 1,500 clients in over thirty-five countries. Some clients are high profile public figures, politicians, and executives.

Darius Fisher will be the first to tell you to guard and manage your digital profile carefully. With the development of technology at an ever changing rate, more and more people are finding themselves in need of digital reputation repair. Even Darius Fisher had issues with negative results that he needed cleaned up. Digital reputation repair is a growing industry and will be in huge demand with the continuous development of technology.

Darius Fisher has spoken at several large venues as the expert on the subject of managing online marketing and personal profiles. When negative information is out it can do damage to companies and content development. The old saying “A company is as good as it’s name” can also apply to people. You are only as good as what people read and know about you. Unfortunately, you must guard what people read and judge you by.