Former President Hugo Chávez Becomes a New Television Series

Sony Pictures Television has approved the production of a new television based on the life of the late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez who passed away from cancer in 2013. “El Comandante” will be co-produced by Colombia’s Teleset. Beatriz Chavarri thinks that making a television show about Chávez is in bad taste because of the economic problems that Venezuela is going through now. Franklin Albornoz wants Sony and Columbia Telecast to cancel plans for this new television show. Sony and Columbia Teleset have not decided when this show, starring the award winning actor, Andrés Parra of Pablo Escobar fame, will be released to the public. Parra is best known for drug kingpin and Medellin crime boss Pablo Escobar in the series “El Patron del Mal.” Sony is not responding to the many facebook requests for information about the new show.
There are people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez who wonder how Sony Pictures will be able to produce a show based on Chávez when is image is so well guarded by the Caracas government. The United States and the Columbian government are considered anti-Chávez as far as the socialist regime is concerned.

Whenever this new series premiers, it will be a very important project for Latin America. The series will include real life events. Sony may not be answering any questions, but they did say they are planning to begin filming this new one-hour series in the summer.