Best Whiskeys For Those on a Budget


Whiskey has been the drink of choice for the discerning drinker since it was first produced. No other drink has made its mark upon society quite like whiskey, the martini comes in a close second though only when not stirred. Though the mark of a gentleman and sophistication, whiskey does not always need to cost an aristocrats salary. Here are a few whiskeys that do away with the pretense but none of the flavor distinctly known to the amber liquid.


Johnny Walker’s Red Label


Johnny Walker is one of the best cheap whiskey, and is sold under the name of several different labels from the forty dollars a shot Blue Label to the more available and friendly on the pocket Red Label. Johnny Walker’s Red is one the more flavorful and smooth varieties of budget whiskey having earned its place among pop culture and even a spot within none other than Elliott Smith’s own discography.


Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is definitely the more widely available of all the budget whiskeys. Almost ever bar’s well includes a bottle of this smooth and easy to drink whiskey. It has even earned its own drink that just like the whiskey is simple, straightforward, and tasty. The Jack and Coke is easily the most popular whiskey cocktail among bar-goers, with those that prefer organic sugar and locally sourced Old Fashioneds being the exception.  Combine it with your favorite old soda brands and you’ve got yourself a drink.



Depending upon your own individual tastes and personal preference, the best whiskeys don’t always need to cost your weekly salary for a single drink.