Malini Saba is a Philanthropist at Heart

The Huffington post did an article on a woman whose name is, Malini Saba. Not familiar with the name? Saba wouldn’t be offended, in fact, she might actually prefer the anonymity over any fanfare. As the article, clearly details, being others focused is just part of who she is, part of her nature.

Her acts of kindness are not unrecognized by the philanthropic community, or those who take note of exceptional acts of generosity – like the aforementioned, Huffington Post. Malini Saba has acquired the means that enable such generous acts by becoming a successful investor, and is noted as one of the top investors in the world of South Asian descent. Saba’s career as an investor began in Silicon Valley in the nineties. Focusing on the technology sector, (including the likes of, Sycamore Inc., PayPal Inc. and Netscreen Technologies, Inc.), her success fueled and made her efforts as a philanthropist more viable.

Some of Saba’s acts of charity include a donation of one million dollars, to assist in starting the first ever Heart Research Center at El Camino Hospital, targeted toward serving South Asians. Then there was her pledge of ten million dollars, following a tour of the Tsunami riddled lands of India and Sri Lanka, to aid the victims of the tragedy.

These are extraordinary examples of giving, yet her kindness goes well beyond the acts of financial donations. It was 2001 when Malini Saba created “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” which operates as a non-profit organization. The aim of Stree is to empower women, changing the perspective of how those in low income and at-risk situations view themselves.

More news, more articles and sharing more about people like Malini Saba should be something that is done more often, by more people and media sources. Saba may not desire or want the accolades, but simply restoring the hope of humanity and reminding us all that there is good in the world needs to be done. If people can give of themselves, their finances and resources the way Saba does, then the least we can do is share these acts of kindness with others – sorry Malini, and thank you.

Top Online Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Millions of people think about following their dream and starting their own business. However, few really take the initial steps to make their dream a reality. Doe Deere is one successful woman that has achieved success by following her own set of rules. Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that believes in creativity and originality. The wild and out of this world colors are primarily for anyone that believes they are like the unicorn. The unicorn is different and loves being different. Doe Deere still loves breaking all the rules, especially makeup rules.

Success Story
Everyone knows that Doe Deere is a real success story. The entrepreneur was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. She always had a fascination for colors and makeup. Doe Deere always believed that makeup was meant to do more than merely enhance your looks. She believed that makeup should express your own uniqueness and creativity. In addition, she believes that you should forget about following rules. Break the rules and create your own individual look. For example, today you might want to mix hot pink lips with flaming purple eye shadow. Tomorrow bold red lips and crimson eye shadow. This philosophy led to her developing her own line of makeup back in 2008.

Women Entrepreneurs
Doe Deere is one woman that started out with a unique idea. Her business rose from a meager beginning to the heights of success. Deere supports other female entrepreneurs. She would like to inspire more women to start their own business. Doe Deere likes to speak on the subject frequently at public events. Doe Deere also believes in giving back. She likes to serve as a mentor to other aspiring women entrepreneurs. She also communicates with other women entrepreneurs via social media sites like Instagram.

New Business Trends
Thanks to the Internet, women are able to do it all. They are able to start a business with minimal investment. They are also able to work out of the home and run that business over the Internet, while taking care of a family. E-commerce is an excellent way to attract new customers. People find that it is easier and more convenient to shop online. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to demonstrate that women were interested in buying cosmetics over the Internet. It did not take long for other makeup companies to follow Lime Crime’s lead. Lime Crime is still a leader in e-commerce selling. Doe Deere truly believes e-commerce is the new business trend for not and the future.

Doe Deere’s Advice
Doe Deere has plenty of advice for new women entrepreneurs. No guts, no glory. Don’t hold back. Follow your dreams. Sometimes, it is best to go with your gut feeling, instead of following the crowd. She also states don’t do anything, unless it feels right for you. Now, that is one piece of advice that Deere followed through her online business career and her personal life.

Breaking The Beauty Rules

Many high-fashions magazines love to give strict rules and guidelines on how to wear fashion and put on makeup but breaking a few rules never hurt anyone. The fashion publications’ rules can be considered mere suggestions. While they are good to consider, they don’t have to be followed in a strict manner. Just because someone doesn’t follow the latest trend or fashion rule, doesn’t mean they are a fashion dummy. A person that breaks all fashion laws and rules can be the most fashionable person ever. There is one person in the fashion and beauty industry that believes that breaking all of the rules should be the norm. Doe Deere has been appointed the unicorn queen and is the chief executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere has a unique look that everyone loves. Her hair is in all shades of the rainbow and she has a distinct talent for using and combining colorful shades and palettes. Doe Deere has a few fashion laws and rules to break. Her makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics has the tag line, “makeup for unicorns”. Lime Crime Cosmetics has the specialty of producing whimsical, colorful cosmetics, that is 100 percent cruelty-free. Lime Crime Cosmetics sells glittery cosmetics, mermaid-like makeup and colorful lipsticks. Doe Deere proves that a person can be equally fashionable and stylish going off the beaten track and not following trends. Doe Deere has a few pieces of advice for women that want to stay inside the regulations and not try something new. Doe Deere has come up with a few suggestions on how to break the fashion and beauty rules.

While many fashion magazines would say never to wear a bold eye shadow with a bold lip. Doe Deere says that rules should be broken. It is more than okay to wear a bold lip and a bold eye shadow at the same time. It can be fun to combine the two. Doe Deere breaks this rule daily. Another rule fashion magazines would say to never mix two many colors. Lime Crime Cosmetics is all about breaking this rule. Lime Crime Cosmetics is all about colorful makeup and combining colors is what makes it fun. Doe Deere suggests that women should be more unapologetic and wear any color they want.

Doe Deere moved to the United States from Europe. She started going to fashion school, wanting to create a clothing line. After awhile, she was looking for makeup that was unique but she couldn’t find anything that represented her. She decided to create makeup line herself, for people who wanted something different.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics on ebay. While on ebay, Doe Deere did makeup tutorials on youtube. Those videos became a huge hit. When her ebay shop became popular she left ebay and took her business to its on ecommerce website. From there, she catapulted Lime Crime Cosmetics to the company it is today. Doe Deere wants everyone to know that they can be beautiful breaking trends and finding their own unique look.