Rodrigo Terpins, Model Competitor

Rodrigo Terpins has dominated the Brazilian rally racing scene for many years, having won a number of significant rally circuits in in Brazil. He races under the Bull Sertoes tag, along with his brother Michel. Recently he placed well in the 22nd Sertoes Rally circuit, driving a T-Rex rally car in the Prototypes T1 category, one of the most powerful and capable vehicles available today for off-road racing. Despite the difficulty of the course, which featured a lot of tight turns and loose dirt and suspension-taxing bumps and rolls, he and his co-pilot were able to finish 7th overall. Rodrigo Terpins has experienced the highest levels of success in Brazilian rally car driving as is evident from even his most recent exploits on the track. But Rodrigo is more than just a rally-car driver. He is a family man at heart, and his social media accounts are rife with photos of him with his family. He is particularly well-known for his close relationships with his father and brother, both of whom have experienced successful sports careers. He clearly cares very deeply for them and the rest of his family, and is even known for scheduling his races around them. This is an admirable trait, and not something seen often in the professional sports world. Check out to see more.



Rodrigo is just the type of athlete parents everywhere should want their children to look up to. He is not only a highly skilled rally pilot, consistently putting in the hard work to compete with excellence, he prioritizes what is truly important and what truly lasts. The sports world needs more competitors like Rodrigo Terpins, leading the way and setting the example of a what a well-balanced life looks like as a professional athlete. The nation of Brazil ought to be proud that they have produced such a model athlete for men and women, young and old to look up to and admire. He is truly a “pro’s pro.” You can visit