Creating And Editing Of Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia allows any user to create, edit pages and enhance written articles for the view of other readers. It gives users a chance to create their own pages without being dependent of others. For one to create a new one directly he or she must have a registered account which makes it easier. People are advised not to use their real names in doing this. The settings have to be secured. Registered operators have their own user space. New articles can be created on the on a subpage which can later be transferred to the main one.

Most comprehensive Wikipedia editing services is that creation of a page does not require one to be registered for the action to be done. There secured pages cannot be revised because of the protection against it. They always have a locked icon on the top right side of the page. Revision can only be done by submitting a request. This is done by clicking on the view source tab and going on with requesting for the amendment.

There are two methods of completing this task. One is by utilizing the Visual Editor and the other by wiki markup. Visual editor is only available to the registered logged in operators. There is an option which allows this to be done. Wiki markup editor on the other hand permits the user to perform this task by clicking on the revise tab at the top page of Wikipedia.

In any kind of revision, plagiarism is a crime. Editors have to add citations acknowledging the original owners. The sources come at the end of a sentence after the facts they support. The most common one is inline citation which includes footnotes. A person just inserts the reference within an article and when the saving is done it automatically appears at the bottom of the page as footnote. There are tools which make the citation exercise simple. They help with the placements and formatting when necessary. They are both internal and external.

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