The Go-To List for Who is the Best in the Youtube World, And What They Do

#5. Tyler Oakley- Oakley is an American who frequents youtube. He focuses on LGBT rights, youth and social issues. Some of the social issues he focuses on are, health care, education and suicide prevention for the LGBT community. Some of his other topics are queer politics, pop culture and funny stuff. He is an author and advocate who does pretty good when it comes to youtube.

#4. Troye Sivan Mellet- Aka, Troye Sivan is a youtuber, songwriter and singer born in South Africa with Austrian heritage. He, as an actor, played the part as James Howlett in X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. His most recent move in acting had him playing in the movie the Spud Film Trilogy. Sivan, as of September 26, 2015, has more than 3..6 million subscribers and more than 200 million views in total.

#3. Zoella- Zoella is known for fashion, beauty hauls and her favorites videos where she shows off her favorite products from the past month. She also has a second channel on youtube, MoreZoella, which has her video blogs in which she shows off what she does during the day to viewers. In 2014 she was criticized for filming while she was driving her car. A spokesperson for Sugg stated, “at the time of filming she was in mostly stationary traffic.”

#2. Franta- Franta uploaded his first video in august of 2010. He was inspired by Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis’s vlogs and decided to try his hand at it. He now has over 270 views for his youtube channel and more than 4.9 million people subscribing. In July of 2014, he left Our2ndLife, a collaboration channel, due to personal issues. He was nominated in 2014 for the Teen Choice Award in the male web star category, but he then lost to Oakley. In tribute to the popular you-tube videos, he made a cameo appearance for a 2014 you-tube rewind video.

#1. Wendy Huang- As the #1 pick for this list, Wengie will probably be very happy. Wendy Huang is the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. She says that she starts her day off with ginseng tea and some delicious soy coffee to get her antioxidants.
Wengie is an Australian-based star who blogs daily. She shares tutorials, reviews and the latest trends on her site. Wengie teaches everyone pretty much everything they need to know about beauty and style, and how to keep one’s self healthy.