Doe Deere Breaks The Cosmetics Color Wall

Doe Deere’s line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime is breaking the color wall in the cosmetics world. Her relatively-new cosmetics line is accessible for women who love bright colors, and Doe is calling on all haters of color to try her cosmetics before writing off bright colors altogether. This article explores how Doe went from a kid who loved to a woman who commands the attention of the fashion and cosmetics world.

#1: She Started With Color

Doe Deere always loved drawing and painting with the brightest colors possible, and she looks back on her childhood with glee. She says that she always had something in her hand that would let her draw, and he love of bright colors took right to the fashion world. Doe began designing clothes while she was still a teenager, and she did not abandon her bright aesthetic in the face of muted collections released by the world’s great designers.

#2: The Founding Of LimeCrime

The founding of Lime Crime on was an important time in Doe’s life. She was hoping to find better colors to match her own clothing creations, but there was nothing on the market that she truly felt compelled by. Doe began working with a chemist on a line of cosmetics that would flash the brightest colors possible, and she opened her eBay store called LimeCrime in 2008.

#3: Female Empowerment In Business

Doe believes in empowering women to have their own minds, their own goals and their own businesses. She works tirelessly to give women a chance to work in the fashion industry, and she hopes to empower other women to do the work she has done. Doe knows there is room in the fashion industry for every woman who needs to make her mark on the world, and her LimeCrime line of cosmetics is just one step in the right direction.

#4: Dealing With Internet Hate

Doe has dealt with her share of rude people on the Internet, but she is one of the first in a new culture of women who simply ignores haters online. She thinks of these people as color haters, and there is nothing she can do to change their minds. Doe is committed to creating fashions that are beautiful, and she has a makeup line that connects with all the clothing she makes.

Internet hate will find its way to any woman who starts her own business, but Doe encourages women to keep working hard in the face of haters. A few anonymous people on the Internet cannot stop her business, and she believes that an anonymous person the Internet should not stop your dreams. The LimeCrime brand is a celebration of liberation and style that we do not see every day in the fashion industry.

Continue to follow Doe Deere as she makes a mountain out of her LimeCrime mole hill. She is releasing new products all the time that meet the needs of women everywhere. Pairing her clothing and cosmetics will turn you into a fierce color warrior.