Entrepreneur Malinia Saba

Considered to be one of the world’s best investors and top philanthropists in South Asia, Malini Saba has been making an impact for some time. She recently sat down to discuss some of her ideas and gave a little insight into her demanding world.

Malini’s idea for her first company from the fact that she was unable to get into a VC group. As a result Malini decided to create her own company Saban, that retains investments interests worldwide. Malini describes herself as an early riser, getting up around 5am each morning. Despite a busy schedule she makes time to take her daughter to school and pick her up each day. Despite a full schedule she keeps meetings to usually no more than 45 minutes. Malini has a philosophy of taking things by the horn. She is not afraid to take risks and takes failures, such as her own mistakes costing her money, as motivation to improve for the future.

Saba is a very passionate giver. Her philanthropy is seen all over the world. She started “Stree Global Investments in Women back in 2001“. This non-profit group has a goal of inspiring low income and at risk women and children. This program, that was embraced by former President Clinton, provides legal assistance and healthcare to many. Another example of Saba’s giving came in 2005. The entreprenuer gave more than 1 million dollars to start the worlds first Heart Research Center for South Asians. She continues to support children across the globe providing money for healthcare, education and housing.

Malinia Saba‘s contributions continue to inspire many across the globe. Holding a Phd in Psychology, Saba worked for years to make an impact in her home country and globally.