Entrepreneur’s Spotlight: Eric Pulier, Technologist and Philanthropist

The world of tech startups is full of bright technologists, innovators, and visionaries. Eric Pulier encapsulates all three of these vital roles and has also significantly contributed to the global community with extensive philanthropic work.


Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey Pulier seemed poised to enter the tech industry from a young, as he first learned computer programming in the fourth grade. Pulier entered the industry early, beginning his first computer company while still in high school. He continued his education at Harvard University, where he majored in Literature, and made his first foray into authorship with a column in The Harvard Crimson.

Career Snapshot

Since leaving Harvard, Pulier’s authorial credits include and article in Forbes, as well as co-writing Understanding Enterprise SOA, which analyzes the role of service-oriented architecture software. Eric Pulier has founded numerous successful startups throughout his short career. His company People Doing Things focused on providing tech solutions for education and health care facilities. Pulier played a key role in establishing Starbright World, a private social network which helped to connect chronically ill youths around the globe to learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier click here.

Eric’s Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, found success during its four year independent run and eventually merged with US Interactive, a prominent digital marketing agency. Other ventures include SOA Software and Desktone, venture capital enterprises which focused on service oriented infrastructure and virtual desktops, respectively. Pulier is also notable for his work with XPRIZE, a competition-based initiative which offers resources to innovative solutions for everything from moon landers to initiatives that fight adult illiteracy.


Strongly committed to philanthropic work, Pulier has donated extensive resources to Painted Turtle, a children’s camp that provides a refuge for the chronically ill. He also serves as Vice President and General Manager for the facility’s cloud operations. Eric has used his proclivity for information technology to develop educational programs, with one prominent example being a home-use program designed to teach those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more about the condition. Throughout his philanthropic career, Eric Pulier has partnered with luminaries from other industries. Pulier and President Bill Clinton did extensive work to provide affordable cloud-computing resources to disadvantaged communities.