FreedomPop’s $50 Million Global Hotspot Plan Moves Forward

FreedomPop is growing on a global scale, literally. The Los Angeles-based company has made fantastic inroads in the United Kingdom. With another $50 million in investment capital raised, the company is going to expand the total of countries connected in the FreedomPop fold. A global hotspot is planned, and the hotspot is to include 25 countries in total. In time, that number is going to go up.

The idea behind the global hotspot is to save world travelers from the brutal cost of roaming charges. Major providers allow their subscribers to connect no matter where they are – at a massive fee. FreedomPop wants to offer a fantastic alternative.

Through connecting to a global Wi-Fi hotspot, those roaming charges competitors charge may drive scores of people to FreedomPop. FreedomPop established itself as a budget phone service designed to cut costs massively. A set number of phone minutes, text messages, and internet data are available for free with a basic plan. One million subscribers in the United States and 250,000 in the United Kingdom reveal FreedomPop’s success is growing. This is achieved with mainly word-of-mouth advertising.

A $49+ one-time fee covers the cost of accessing the hotspot. $10 covers the cost of the SIM card, a card that comes with free upgrades when new countries are added. The phone does have to be purchased, and one can be bought from the excellent inventory FreedomPop makes available. Excellent phones are sold by the company at reduced prices. has the whole story about the hotspot, and it is worth checking out.