Here Comes The Premium Dog Food Brands

When workers show up at a manufacturing plant to produce premium dog food, their tasks are not run-of-the-mill. A tremendous amount of extra work is required to make sure the food released to store shelves really does live up to promises of being gourmet meals. Anyone who thinks the gourmet moniker is an advertising gimmick should read a very detailed article in the Daily Herald. The article points out that significant effort goes into picking ingredients. Taste testers are even used to judge the food after it is cooked. Most interesting, the article notes this effort is paying rewards. The sales of premium dog food brands are skyrocketing. Beneful, a Purina brand, is doing extremely well in the market. Beneful promotes a host of wet food, dry food, and treat selections that bear exotic-sounding names. Beneful’s sales are solid because owners are coming around to the idea that feeding a pet the best possible food is just good stewardship. The pet food industry generates nearly $24 billion per year in sales. Pets do have to eat. The gourmet selections, once a small fraction of the overall sales, are growing each and every year. People on Facebook now take note of Beneful selections such as “Romana Style Medley” with its chicken, spinach, carrots, and pasta and are reacting accordingly. Their interest is piqued and they are buying up the brand’s offerings on shelved. Premium dog food definitely is easy to find on shelves these days. A significant number of the major retail chains in the United States are now carrying premium dog food brands. In a way, this is surprising. Retailers are not keen on carrying specialty items since they do not cater to niche markets. Since the popularity of premium dog food is growing to peak levels, buyers are no longer part of a small niche. So, the presence of gourmet brands in retail stores should not be a shock. As more and more consumers become aware of the value of gourmet dog food, look for even more stores to carry. Dogs are going to benefit from all this growth tremendously. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are to become quite exquisite all of a sudden.