Humanitarian Support for Customers

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of security and communications solutions for customers serving time or working directly for the United States justice system, has recently received the highest of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with a rating of an A+. This accreditation is a huge honor for the company, which has been loyally serving its customers for the past several years. This ranking means that possible new customers will be able to see that Securus Technologies is a company that they can trust, especially during hard times and they are unsure how communication with their loved ones is going to work out.


Securus Technologies provides communication solutions to its customers, who are normally incarcerated individuals currently serving time in either prison or jail for past mistakes they have made. These solutions can be found in such products as a free downloadable application that allows inmates to directly communicate with their family members over efficient video streaming services. The provision of this application means that family members and loved ones of the inmate can bypass the irritating periods of time to drive to the prison or jail and the ridiculous time it takes to move through security checks. Inmates are now able to talk directly to their loved ones without any difficulty, and this is a major deal for anyone involved. Watch this video on Youtube.


Securus technologies provides incredible humanitarian products to customers who most of the world tends to ignore. These communication solutions, alongside their dedication to their customers, make Securus an excellent company that more individuals would look in to. This new accreditation by the Better Business Bureau only strengthens these claims and makes Securus an even more reliable and prestigious corporation within its business field.