Julie Spira Publishes Top Ten Dating List, And Skout Made The List

Skout has made the list of the top ten dating applications that was created by Julie Spira. The list was published on the TCPALM website, and there are some well-recognized names on the list too, such as Zoosk, Tinder, Badoo, and Skout. The Skout dating application was listed as number seven on the list.

Skout was created with many different people in mind, but Skout is mostly being geared towards those who are younger in age. Although teenagers are welcome to the Skout network, Skout is mostly for those between the ages of 20 to 35, but many who are older will still use the Skout network. Even elderly persons use Skout, which is mostly because the network is a lot of fun. Skout is a fun place to meet new people, and it’s easy to determine which persons on the Skout network are nearby. Since Skout has location services available on its network, anyone can find a friend or a date close by.

If a person happens to live in New York City and wants to find someone in the same city to date, then the location services on the Skout network will easily help them to find someone in their area. There’s no need to look all over the Skout network and end up finding someone in a completely different state because Skout’s location services help to avoid that. Unless a person is open to dating others in different states, then they don’t have to worry about finding someone in their local area because Skout has it covered.

Using Skout’s location services is fairly easy, and the services can be turned on and off at will. If a person doesn’t feel like being discovered by those that are in their city, then they can turn off the location services. Once a person is ready for others in their city to know that they are close by, then they can turn the location services on. Even if a person uses the shake a chat feature, which is available on the Skout application, the person doesn’t have to worry about an anonymous person finding their location.

The shake to chat feature will keep anyone’s location anonymous for a full 40 seconds before the location is then revealed to the other person. Many people have met using the shake to chat feature, and this feature can be very helpful for those who are adventurous and want to meet someone who resides in another country and maybe even speaks another language. Those who are open to finding new friends in different countries or even dating others from different countries will be surprised at how easily they can meet someone using the shake to chat feature.