Lime Crime- Saving one party at a time

Imagine waking up one morning to a world full of chaos. The dog knocked over the water bowl and tracked mud in through your house, you hit your toe on the corner of the coffee table, the cake for your daughters b day party tomorrow says “Happy Anniversary”, and to make matters worse, you just found out that in order to have the party at the waterpark, you have to switch the party to today. You start to freak out and you call your mom. She calmly teaches you the ropes and tells you that she will meet you at the park.

You pick up your daughter and meet up with your mom to get this party started. As you desperately unpack all of the balloons and the cake that you had to re ice, you realize that you forgot the one thing that means the most, the present. Since last years Venus palette was the talk of the entire year for her, you just knew that you couldn’t go wrong with getting her the Venus 3 this year. With its exciting 8 new colors that you can wear to almost any occasion, it surely was the perfect gift for any woman. Your mom sees that you are almost in tears and walks over to you. After a brief discussion about the accidental forgetfulness of the present, your mom cracks the sweetest smile and goes to her van.

Returning a few minutes later she hugs you tightly and hands you a package to give to your daughter. “This will help.” she tells you. As you walk over to your daughter and hand her the package, your heart starts to pound. Maybe it would have been smart to ask what was in the package, but, it’s too late for that now. She tears open the front of the package and looks up at you with the biggest eyes before running off and screams, “Thank you Mommy! Thank you so much!” As you turn to your mom in tears, she tells you that she decided to buy the Venus XL this year because it comes with 18 colors and the long lasting wear of the makeup is an experience that simply could not be passed up for her perfect granddaughter. You hug her tight and thank her again for saving another birthday. Another party saved, another daughter happy all thanks to Lime Crime.