Lori Senecal Says The Future Of Advertising Is All About Keeping It Real

Predicting the type of advertising that’s likely to be successful can difficult, especially when you start talking about digital advertising. The technology used in online advertising seems to change from day to day and when an advertiser finds something that works, every competitor latches on to the idea and runs it into the ground.

Lori Senecal is the global CEO for Crispin Porter + Bogusky and in that role she manages the agency’s nine international offices as well as supervising the firm’s global growth. Prior to that, she served as Global Chairman and CEO of KBS and President of the flagship New York office of advertising giant McCann Erickson. So she’s experienced firsthand the constant reinvention required to create the most effective advertising.

In a recent interview with Adweek, Senecal discussed some of the factors that make for an effective ad and whether it’s digital advertising or ads running in more traditional markets, something stay the same.

In a world where it’s so easy to shade the truth or create advertising that is misleading, Senecal says the most valuable thing any advertiser can bring to their customers is authenticity. “Keeping it real” sounds like an empty catch phrase, but viewers want to feel as if the advertiser is being honest about their product. According to NY Times, she argues an ad that slightly undersells the product but is 100 percent truthful is much more effective than one that promises everything.

In the world of digital advertising, the fastest growing segment of the industry is mobile ads. And while it’s tempting to try and rely on flashy graphics and video to make the pitch, Lori Senecal says that the most effective mobile ads are simple and non-intrusive. According to her, there’s nothing worse than letting the technology and the gimmicks to get in the way of the advertiser’s message.

Senecal says the takeaway for any advertiser should be that for all of the changes, digital advertising shares some things in common with non-digital ads. The messages that work best are simple, easy-to-follow and authentic.