Majeed Ekbal And His Charity Work

On December 15th 2015 Majeed Ekbal started a fundraising to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. He stated that this is because he was worried about his friend and family still living there, and he was also worried about the other people too. He stated that any money that he raised,will be added to a Crowdrise campaign,that he had already started. His intentions, he added is to raise a total of $1 million, so that it can be use for medical reasons, any casualties, for the in-firmed, feeding the hungry and to help the people find shelter. There is not set amount,any amount you can donate, will be greatly appreciated.

Ekbal is from Chicago, Illinois he is a business leader. His higher educational journey took him to the University of Washington,D.C. He is a very hard worker. Also,he says he approaches his business as though it was a child, guiding it gently, and the results are really amazing. He truly enjoys what he does, this way his clients can get the best outcome. Having a positive attitude and confidence has helped him excel in his business endeavors,these are two reason why he thinks he is so successful.

He has a WordPress site, a Twitter, a management systems with widgets and plug ins, and is the President of his company Expresso Inc. His workers are competent and very capable,so he is never worried when he hands over the reigns to them, this action has helped him to reach where he is today. He makes sure that he also provides good working conditions for them. Even his clients is happy with the way he conducts business.

Majeed Ekbal never gets tired of looking for new ways to make money in his business. His main aim is a contented customer.