Malini Saba is a Philanthropist at Heart

The Huffington post did an article on a woman whose name is, Malini Saba. Not familiar with the name? Saba wouldn’t be offended, in fact, she might actually prefer the anonymity over any fanfare. As the article, clearly details, being others focused is just part of who she is, part of her nature.

Her acts of kindness are not unrecognized by the philanthropic community, or those who take note of exceptional acts of generosity – like the aforementioned, Huffington Post. Malini Saba has acquired the means that enable such generous acts by becoming a successful investor, and is noted as one of the top investors in the world of South Asian descent. Saba’s career as an investor began in Silicon Valley in the nineties. Focusing on the technology sector, (including the likes of, Sycamore Inc., PayPal Inc. and Netscreen Technologies, Inc.), her success fueled and made her efforts as a philanthropist more viable.

Some of Saba’s acts of charity include a donation of one million dollars, to assist in starting the first ever Heart Research Center at El Camino Hospital, targeted toward serving South Asians. Then there was her pledge of ten million dollars, following a tour of the Tsunami riddled lands of India and Sri Lanka, to aid the victims of the tragedy.

These are extraordinary examples of giving, yet her kindness goes well beyond the acts of financial donations. It was 2001 when Malini Saba created “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” which operates as a non-profit organization. The aim of Stree is to empower women, changing the perspective of how those in low income and at-risk situations view themselves.

More news, more articles and sharing more about people like Malini Saba should be something that is done more often, by more people and media sources. Saba may not desire or want the accolades, but simply restoring the hope of humanity and reminding us all that there is good in the world needs to be done. If people can give of themselves, their finances and resources the way Saba does, then the least we can do is share these acts of kindness with others – sorry Malini, and thank you.