Matt Landis, a Rising Star scoring Big in the Lacrosse Games and Awards

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Matt Landis is a name that featured prominently during this year’s Lacrosse award ceremony at the end of the lacrosse games season. He scooped several awards as well as various prestigious nominations to coveted awards. This were mainly attributed to his epic show of skill during his teams May 16th play against Albany Great Danes as well as his good performance throughout the season.
It all started when he was named the Defense Player of the Year by the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC. He also got nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. These two honors were in recognition of his tireless efforts in helping his team finish as the number one seed at the just concluded ACC champions.
Landis, who happens to be a finance student at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, falls under the collegiate level of athletes. His popularity has been achieved by his outstanding skills in the Lacrosse playgrounds and the able representation of his team. What amazes most about him is his ability to strike a balance between studies, work, and dedication to his team.

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In this year’s Lacrosse season, he played a huge role in his team thrashing 14-10 victory over Albany Great Dame. His particular match and defensive moves especially against Albany’s seasoned player Lyle Thompson got the attention of the organizers. He had pinned down the star player, limiting his scoring chances to just one goal and four successful turnovers. This particular act saw him named player of the week by the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine.

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His university Notre Dame had a record seven Irish player’s named all-American, being one of the three to the first team. Landis was chosen for his outstanding leadership on leadership of a defense team that ranks position nine nationally in ground balls, 12th nationally in the cause of successful turnovers and 18th in scoring defense.

matt landis iggy studio
Another award he got away with was the William C. Schmeisser Award being named the Outstanding Defensive Player of the year. Landis is definitely a player to watch in the coming seasons and in his mid twenties, he certainly has a long way to go in making his name in the Lacrosse Games.

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  1. This young man has all it will take to become successful even outside of the sports personality he had become in college. What can he be with he could afford all the time to train while in college. Matt Landis particular defensive award is one that stands out to me because that was the prime of all.

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